NBA Star Dwyane Wade Speaks Out After Cousin's Death by Crossfire

Wade speaks exclusively with George Stephanopoulos about the murder of his cousin Nykea Aldridge who was gunned down in the streets of Chicago.
7:33 | 09/02/16

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Transcript for NBA Star Dwyane Wade Speaks Out After Cousin's Death by Crossfire
My exclusive interview Dwyane Wade. One week ago his first cousin Nike Aldridge a young mother. Was killed in crossfire on the street Chicago it has been the deadliest month in Chicago in two decades. And wade who is returning to the bulls for the fall spoke about how that community can come together and had is Stanley's personal tragedy. Money to start up by expressing our condolences. For your loss I think it's so hard for people to believe your cousin. Thank you Aldrich walking on the street pushing your baby and stroller signing up for kids. The kids for school. And she gets shot it must been shocking. Yeah. Just hand it again this tough from. Knew there was something far family. I was very tough and I also just the airlines alone. You know mother walking on the street you know Richmond kids in school a mother for now him in his murder. Sought to do it if she was doing all the right things in his Colorado moments you know far from the dislike. This is Mario my cousin kissed she was. Always say she was like the the quiet ones you know she was his be there should be about acute severe blow profound of which you know analyses in the wrong. And shocking. It was shocking to hear. Not only that she was murdered by or so I can hear the way. And and how a mother. Monte my mother. The firm is. There's Toro. Your family so devastated by all this and on that we can alone the city Chicago. Ten more people killed 57 shots. And they knew the talent you're going back to have a hard time now we come in all hooked on the town hall meeting I don't know why regardless he had just like. Hulu the night before this important for all of us on to two to help be tempted to go back and say you know it. Whether this Florida how to destroy our let's see how we can change data we use and our voice we is not platform to try to sit some light on the city of Chicago and then. Now was later. I want my films askew for me is it was tough Wal-Mart summit to grieve in private as much as possible right. But as well. Because of my name is attached to it becomes as national story a lot of things I say was incriminate. You know annoying ways cousin and as you heard me that hurt me you know to be the name in. That they talked about in house and senate talk about a month before that they cannot hurt me implemented our pleas for a few hours. The question is heady it turned had darkness into light. How do you use this platform did because of my name being associated with it now to the delight the light that shined on so the city. And now it's become a national conversation it's such a complicated problem. Mission cocky guy and gangs. He got guns and he had this distrust between the community and the police. How do you deal with that. You know my my cousin was killed by. One and a brother such as got out of prison it's not too long ago. So we know guys go to prison and then we love America on the street. My aunt later they gonna go back to what they're used to and what they know so in this summer we can do with the prison. That can help will work programs when people come out to gives them an opportunity try to better themselves. This is coming back home for you this is that city where you grew up you knew this violence this tension firsthand our group and one. No probably one of the toughest Paris when it when it comes to murders and in early ninety's Chicago I grew up in that era. Of the same things our kids going to now being afraid to to go all sides had to handle. Els a kid who wanted to play basketball. Who got looking was able to have mentors in my life to help me. And I think that's one thing a lot of our kids today is missing. His mentor should if we wanna stop this epidemic is is needed now what do you say your voice. You try to teach your kids. Right from wrong each ought to put him in situations pay if this happens in school what do you do. Okay no you don't do that you do this go to this person did you see you know so you try to tell them lifelong but it. Then they come back to Eunice they would. Kids are being killed by police officers. No I thought she says police also was this you know what's safe he's always afraid of the place they are mobile is afraid of who is a society where I was Somalis Carano. And you know not all police Allison but. You know my boys here everything has gone on the world. And all harassment. Oh murders was going on. And they pose the question back to me and what ass into a powerful. And also. They know have all that many communities so tonight take and I have ounces for the city cannot go to mayor go to the cities that. What do we don't want to strengthen gun loss. You know you know what are we don't want to help Bob police you know. Is that near the police they say the police in the cities are they saying we're fighting a war out there and they are there are four in the war and they can do lie about it. But they can get more out. As well to do this is this is our way tougher gun laws we don't halls and you know we have the Dubose you know leaders. All of us the leadership and in our world today and our communities to suffer. Daytona. This came right in the middle of presidential campaign as you know and entrepreneur expresses condolences. To your filming also got a lot of reaction to this Tweety sent out. Recent Dwyane Wade's cousin shot and killed walking in Chicago. Just what I've been saying African Americans will vote trial. Would you think when her van. Both comic and flicked it. You know it's like a one in. Your cousin's death is is uses them as a ploy for political gain. On the man. It's a national story. That goes back today for me I won't. Eyes on the city. And I won't. Us to be able to do more together on women do more together more people know what's going on so I was grateful that is start a conversation. But on then. There's just feels and it's just a bad taste in my mouth because of you know on what my Fam is still no word on what us city of Chicago was a whit. And it looks like has been used as a political game. Like his mother says she's forgiven the killers can you. She's strong. Monte Diane this is a very strong woman her faith. In goddess. And she's right there were my mother you know always you know their belief is so strong. If she can forgive. You know Jim I think anyone should forgive. But I don't think we should forget our really thing now Lamar purpose of their Magnuson is bigger than basketball which bass was a big part of it of course so what I do for a living. But in my purpose in ten days hopefully you know to come the Chicago. And be apart. And beat a voice that can help. Bring people together. Could likely end thank you project. You know we've got that phrase bigger than basketball from this month she said you are bigger than basketball she's a real leader. In that community of passion and too much that a tough job she's gonna give the eulogy. Auburn hasn't even seen what a phenomenal job she did with her son because what a voice he does have incredible in your view PayPal.

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{"duration":"7:33","description":"Wade speaks exclusively with George Stephanopoulos about the murder of his cousin Nykea Aldridge who was gunned down in the streets of Chicago.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41819019","title":"NBA Star Dwyane Wade Speaks Out After Cousin's Death by Crossfire","url":"/GMA/video/nba-star-dwyane-wade-speaks-cousins-death-crossfire-41819019"}