Nelson Mandela Back in the Hospital

Former South African president is being treated for reoccurring lung infection.
2:55 | 06/08/13

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Transcript for Nelson Mandela Back in the Hospital
Lot happening this morning so let's get straight to that breaking news. Out of South Africa. -- -- that country's beloved former president of global icon of peace in 94 year old Nelson Mandela rushed to the hospital. -- an unprecedented move officials now calling his condition serious for the first time. ABC's brandy hit is in Pretoria South Africa with the very latest brandy. Good morning -- Indiana I have to tell you people here are feeling a bit anxious on the streets of South Africa would Nelson Mandela back in the hospital. After -- health deteriorated rapidly overnight. We're told that he was rushed to the hospital around 1:30 AM local time this morning. And it's believed the former president. And civil rights icon is being treated here at heart hospital for re -- lung infection because this is where he was treated and brought back in March for the same illness. -- the last time we saw Mandela publicly was back in April and that's when the president Jacob Zuma visited Mandela in his home. However that the video the images of that meeting. Do show Mandela in frail health and one of his daughters is also said in a recent interview that her father is not talking very much. The last time he was here at heart hospital it was also there was a public discussion really for the first time about how to prepare this nation. For -- inevitable death but as we've seen time and time again. He can -- about it continues to battle through these illnesses and does recover president -- and the nation of course are hoping and wishing him a speedy recovery. With several events planned next month. For his 95 birthday. -- Indiana back. To you as you mentioned Randy is a fighter but it is alarming that the word serious is used for the first time now -- Iran and even covering Nelson Mandela for the past few years we're just there -- few months ago. If in fact this is the time where in fact he may -- half how is that going to affect the country that we're prepared. And that will be the government has -- -- innocence telling them you -- get ready for the worst prepare for the worst and I think -- south Africans many are inured to the idea of him being hospitalized as the -- -- -- -- said. But just in the last seven or eight months. Also Mandela has not been part of the political scene in years as missing in public in years. For many younger generation south Africans -- more days mythological figure than an actual person they have seen -- involved in their politics but. In his absence he is the father of their country he is the man who authored and represents the amazing race racial reconciliation of that country. If this is the end if he is seriously bill as he appears to be. It's going to be very stressful time for all south Africans white and black that's -- cut come to that country is can be very dangerous. He's -- coming hours and days. See -- once again to pull through or not this time. We'll be following it very closely that I was -- an icon and nationally there but I think globally as well everybody around we'll. President Obama will be there a couple weeks some questions about whether he'll be able to see -- Mandela firsthand at that time. And as brown said he is the father this country's.

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{"id":19354334,"title":"Nelson Mandela Back in the Hospital","duration":"2:55","description":"Former South African president is being treated for reoccurring lung infection.","url":"/GMA/video/nelson-mandela-back-hospital-19354334","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}