Nelson Mandela: A Monumental Life Remembered

The first black president of South Africa died at the age of 95.
3:00 | 12/06/13

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Transcript for Nelson Mandela: A Monumental Life Remembered
celebrating the life of nelson mandela. And it was a remarkable life. Mandela himself once saying, quote, death is something inevitable. When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace. I believe I have made that effort. And that is, therefore, why i will sleep for the eternity. It has been my great privilege to serve a people whose bandage to an inhuman system, evoked to of all those who love freedom and justice. Reporter: Nelson mandela. His name synonymous with the struggle of south africa's legacy of apartheid. A national treasure, celebrated by the crowds at the world cup finals in his home country. It was the last time many saw mandela in public. A former boxer, mandela was an advocate of nonviolence. Becoming a leading voice in the african national congress, the anc. But in 1960, after police shot and killed 69 protesters, the anc, which had always been nonviolent, created a military wing, under mandela's command. There are many people who feel that it is useless for us to continue talking peace and nonviolence against a government whose rely is only savage attacks. Reporter: Undaunted by the brutality and inequality that was apartheid rule, mandela remained determined to end the government's racial segregation. Our struggle is a truly national one. It is a struggle for the right to live. Reporter: A struggle that led to mandela's imprisonment in 1962. And two years later, a life sentence for wanting to overthrow the government. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society. It is an ideal for which I hope to live for and to see realized. But my lords, if it needs be, it is an idea for which I am prepared to die. Reporter: Four miles off the coast of capetown, south africa, on robben island, mandela sent 27 years cut off from the world. But not forgotten. ♪ Free nelson mandela ♪ mr. Nelson mandela will be released. This is nelson mandela's first full day of freedom. Reporter: Released at the age of 72 in 1990. He remained ever vigilant that his country and its freedoms rested in the hands of the people. I stand here before you, not as a prophet. But as a humble servant. Reporter: And for the people of south africa, mandela's release after nearly 30 years of imprisonment ushered in a new era of hope and the end of apartheid. Today, the majority of south africa, black and white, recognize that apartheid has no future. Reporter: In 1993, mandela, along with south africa's president, won the nobel peace prize. And in 1994, mandela's dream was realized when black south africans cast their first ballots in a democratic election. And mandela became south africa's first black president. We are all south africans. We have had a good fight. But now, this is a time to heal the old wounds and to build a new democracy. Reporter: After ruling for five years -- africa. Reporter: Nelson mandela passed the torch to the next neration and became an elder statesman to the world. A fighter. A visionary. The voice of his people. And a moral compass for us all. I am the product of africa. And her long cherished dream, of a rebirth that can now be realized. So that all of her children may play in the sun. His life, dedicated to that

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{"id":21122868,"title":"Nelson Mandela: A Monumental Life Remembered","duration":"3:00","description":"The first black president of South Africa died at the age of 95.","url":"/GMA/video/nelson-mandela-dead-monumental-life-remembered-21122868","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}