Court Ruling Could Be Costly for Netflix

Internet providers can charge companies more for streaming bigger files.
3:00 | 01/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Court Ruling Could Be Costly for Netflix
To a court ruling that could prove very costly for netflix subscribers. An appeals court striking down a rule that could make it a lot more expensive to stream all those tv shows and movies especially hits like "house of cards" and "orange in the new black." Rebecca jarvis has the story. 22 years in congress -- Reporter: It's one of president obama's favorite shows. The golden globe goes to -- robin wright, "house of cards." Robin wright taking home the golden globe. Completely unexpected. Reporter: A landmark decision this week could mean content like the, oh, so popular original series on netflix "house of cards" and "orange is the new block" and "arrested development" may cost you a whole lot more. Here's why. Until now those internet providers like verizon, at&t and time warner had to treat everything on the web equally no matter how much bandwidth it used so whether streaming your favorite cat videos or checking e-mails, the cost was all the same but this week's court decision changes that and says verizon and many other internet providers can charge a company like netflix a whole lot more because netflix is streaming much bigger files like tv shows and movies, some analysts now estimating netflix could be charged as much as $75 million to $100 million additional dollars and who do you think may ultimately pay that hefty price? Everything that the courts will decide will trickle down to you. It might mean you're paying for internet in an entirely different way. Reporter: In a statement verizon who brought the suit says the decision will allow more room for innovation and consumers will have more choices to determine for themselves how they access and experience the internet. Experts say it would take at least a year to take effect. The fcc is expected to appeal the decision. For "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news.

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{"id":21553972,"title":"Court Ruling Could Be Costly for Netflix","duration":"3:00","description":"Internet providers can charge companies more for streaming bigger files.","url":"/GMA/video/net-neutrality-court-ruling-costly-netflix-21553972","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}