Nevada Middle School Shooting: 2 Dead

Shooter opened fire at Sparks Middle School in northern Nevada.
2:52 | 10/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nevada Middle School Shooting: 2 Dead
People are dead and two more have been hospitalized after a shooting at a middle school in sparks Nevada. Police -- that the -- they believe the shooter is one of the dead they cannot confirm at this hour the Reno gazette journal spoke to a thirteen year old. Earlier right now I wanna go to ABC's Alex Stone who is on the phone with us on the very latest on this story outs what do we -- -- -- -- this -- is -- -- secure the all clear has been called one of the two daddy is believed to be the shooter that's what we're being told right now. The two victims who were in critical condition at a hospital said to be always. -- likely students at this school were just pulling some police audio right now from I dispatch report -- And then you -- dispatchers say one of the down it is a teacher we don't know that today in fact true that it has not been confirmed yet by police but. Reports one of those hit. May have been a teacher. Two victims and and two others in in the hospital on this. And parents have jobs have been notified to pick up their kids as well correct. -- -- -- clashes have been canceled at this point sparks middle school next door elementary school has also been evacuated. Those students have been brought to a nearby high school and parents are being told to pick up their -- that high school. I sold by two Cuban bring the kids from -- middle and elementary schools over to the high school that's where parents are meeting right now. And they're just getting word of they have been there are number apparent we've heard from already moved at all they got a phone call saying shooting -- at their child's school. You can imagine. There -- worry in disbelief that this is happening in their town that barely. Small -- sparks right outside of Reno that dead that there had been a shooting at their child's school. And -- it is about five miles outside of Reno is that correct northeast. We'll be right yeah about five miles outside fairly close to -- -- itself it is today. I guess you could -- a bedroom community needed to rebel this is where -- lot of folks who work in Reno live where there are a number of its suburbs just like the city has the had a -- -- -- outside of the city and that's where a lot of folks who work day -- Reno had been commute out too but. -- -- -- Area that by all accounts it seemed like we always hear this he had any sort of I incident there were people are saying not here this is and where we would expect this to happen but parents have been showing up quite emotional because they do know there are reports that. Two people are dead right now to our critically injured. But we don't know any details about exactly who they are except for those police -- -- reports that a teacher was down. And we do believe at this point that one of those killed was the shooter -- With that word a lot of parents are if they haven't made contact with their children they're obviously very very worried right now.

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{"id":20636625,"title":"Nevada Middle School Shooting: 2 Dead","duration":"2:52","description":"Shooter opened fire at Sparks Middle School in northern Nevada.","url":"/GMA/video/nevada-middle-school-shooting-dead-20636625","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}