How Newcomer John Boyega Landed the Role of a Lifetime in 'Star Wars'!

Boyega appears on "Popcorn with Peter Travers" to talk about the new big screen blockbuster.
14:37 | 12/18/15

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Transcript for How Newcomer John Boyega Landed the Role of a Lifetime in 'Star Wars'!
If hi everybody had Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn we we tell you what's happening at the movies in the movie I'm talking about today is Star Wars the force awakens. Which is of course the only man if there's no other. And Mike yesterday John way guy who is new to this whole Ceres. And is right in the mix of this has probably. The coolest job in movies John welcome to the justice let's say that introduction was perfect what is it isn't exactly as I gave away nothing you have system into you have to test. Metal pipes are yeah right it doesn't get good that I mean a lot. Yet for ever yet at a White House you do you can have a stack of awards and show yet but you were in this news right right. Tell us. You know I guess we can only go to character be cuts I can't hear you on any plot points because I don't. Nothing but I know that you are and imperial storm trooper who goes a well yes so what else there was this guy. Both finished it is a very interesting parts he starts off in the movie as the storm trooper as part of for the first order on duck kinda ran. And then decides that life is not for him. So he escapes. And then meets ray and BBA. And then they go off an amazing the basis of lower the debt are. Aren't in this world to teach it that you united yet I guess maybe forty million people off a couple of whom. But rain is played by DC read yet he's not a New England rate this yet and Kyle ran. Who is played by Adam driver is right kind of bar dark meters figure from the trail. We kind of talking to this melted back yet. Suddenly he looks up to doubt they'd he he really is inspired by dumping this story and and wants to be some more of present day Duffy duck until he's a sick twisted dude but he's he's the he's that twisted due to the community with we've a very interest in approach. It's not like average day and then all of the reasons that we've seen in the previous polls Levy's movements are very interest in. Take on on on the dockside for so cagey on reason. I hate this month on you're like okay what do you know I am Smart smug because I'm minutes polls because it off just gives you the you know it just gives you a certain level provocative I don't like. It's. Like. I'll tell you what I've wanted to GAO I don't what is what it for anyone value should not be gotten to the mute the wretch like you. Lucky you know it like it's 19777. Again and I'll be. Doug cool and we of course you weren't even close to being born so no no no no and I don't think I was even an idea at that time it. The effort a born night's ninety T by the way. Fifth. She sang eight years this over. Nobody for what in 1992 were one I want to go. What what's really fascinating about you and daisy Ridley an Adam driver coming into this is that it's not just this new Star Wars yet that you. Basically get to meet up again yes with those people that started this is 1970s. And yet did this so. Harrison Ford ten solo is there. Carrie Fisher's princess laughing and I guess in some way. A Luke Skywalker. It's it's of interest in to have a new generation of carcasses. Who would like you actually put together last year. It's interactive though old the older generation. If it strikes very interest to balance off the scene itself organic works. It's up to the two groups the U geek out just a little bit. Hold in the light Sabo was a freak out run and around the millennium falcon was definitely freaked out for me I was freaking out every single day. Rules at least that was odd way. Yet in Houston. I guess after awhile it yet. But after awhile you go to film the movie says it's what since city gets into that room concentration. You know what's done you can just take in for B. Your in the styles me. What about little BBA what about destroyed. It's this the cuts in two. Repeat could be days it is issues. BBA BBA's the struggling right now. So that's why he's. But you know it's is a very very interest enjoyed. You know everybody loves ought to DT. The she. It. East like rudeness and BBA buddies there's things but these schools so that you take a Droid. How does this happen for use. Is that what is this process of auditioning that they say. He's going to be it via that was a long court system in. I don't 1415 years old. It was it was just lost year. So you can that was that was big news those even that these these. Ward because feel like 25 artists and often that they decided to expand its use of lesson to aging signs on. Meanwhile I was just in the background just waiting he would win or additions would would happen just because that. If the ground costs that kind of stuff. Mark go to court for the audition and kicks bites of the months of cushioning the team's training yes months. Yes yes black American Idol without the countless. That. Noticed. I'd hate you know that amount. To buy company had a dead woman it did the needs of community. It in top condition Sullivan basically tortured U percent and yet if you did you were rated agency it is. But no it was it was it. It was an interest in and it's tough process. But when you when you go and hide it in the if you wouldn't be you understand why that persists was necessary because human Asheville with like. Okay cool like if I didn't habits of months I wouldn't sell ads. As did so. Yet to there was nothing there was nothing treaty could torture with he had already. Among about opportunities was like a JJ will be to run the desert. Installed tube outfit 25 times I'll do that. It's okay it's a oh victory well I'd like the idea that despite your bravado now. You weren't cool about the idea that you were in something like this there's a video it ran. Of you watching the trail with the court's networks who good. Makes me trust you. Oh yeah if you when you're right yeah yeah yeah there was like some kind of it was real Rudy and there it was that there have been sent from several different achieved what Susan did say. We trust you confronts us not just like guys and Sobel cost of you know Arctic. It is but it's it's it's it's been a fund the fund purses so much and trails was. There was a lot to take him and that's why besides just that placed myself well sofa. It was really I don't know how much was leaping up but it looked like you want gay and yet here it was a even off the island that was ousted. A course of ethnic. Why is the relationship between Ian and wreck that he's really liked what is ray are unlikely. Unions unlikely allies in the conference US and to from background raise scavenge. In his extolled shoot. And and so they. The heat and troubled he brings. Kind of fools in to raise Walt and two carts is a thing they have in common they try to find clarity in times of waste. See what oh with what role they play in its fight against good and evil. I want to go back a little two year relationship with Harrison Ford because in the movie yet this is the character that is kind of mentoring him. It's funny they have that yeah that you. And hold type. Relationship. But what's more interest in is that. Has no respect for months frequently waits. Bruins duplicate choppy dialogue great bats but that's not genuine enough for me. It feels like you know you know we have until we view with you boys addicts in harmed it's fun but they always pick in each other and and that's that's what we agree I read joy about what comparison. I just give him a few few route lines in his comeback. I'll be geeky boy. Respectful have a guy who cries he's. So did she get to keep anything from. Addicted call John I've been off so many times about that. And one on the that is on the rights activists. Charge and Holtz to the styles. And flame what's mine. What would you take if you could go. A take then that the Jackie Brown jacket. The storms you can help me and outs of life reading are being taken. This is this what can I up between these things that. Helmet islands you know. But he that just are reminded of the hard way yet why not. Yet but this isn't your first time at the ready it is and I and back in 2011. Yet. You're in a movie called attack the block yes I still think anybody that's interested in watching any movies where there's an alien invasions. Should see a different type of a different type. You know doing. And as we're sitting here talking to you you don't sound like an American. No so really you must come from some other place enough blood to them. I'm I loved it. Don't know American. Did you grow up one thing this gives you said this is what I wanted to. Yes yes I mean them I was I was raised few. Make decisions take to shoot my life my father mother who. It was important thing to me it's only now that would have been questioned about him kind of like. It's not like every day thing I decided. I was I felt good in the realm. Affecting an arts and so I decided to just see you. Enmity that your parents 05 I mean that that has spent a lot of money on petrol. Driving me to auditions and policies it's. They've in the big support from Houston minister. Yet he is the idea is immense and you grew up with somebody who would preach it we yet again someone who's very charismatic and grits and stories. Every time what you preach I can tell exactly width. The genes come from them. He got a really good knows our story and but it's from the is from the does that person perspective of the animals you don't get on though that's my dad. Just like wouldn't it wouldn't it would animal sculpture and I like that it's interesting way of the that's actually a plug them. I heard from a lot of people there. Your guy who knows it's me. But do you really do you so did you as you were growing up watch these dvds of the other Star Wars from Ted Stevens on its own team. So which of the characters in the Star Wars that begin with something connected with U the most Han Solo and under that's an announcement that the when everybody goes fooled by these animals I think it by its. I've always loved hearts is that represented view audience I think. Right now especially immunities. We would give in these kind of chosen one type cart says. Who from the beginning when we read into deep done social conscience wouldn't fit darts which community. We know the getaway. Let me know they're going to be OK you either that screen tidbit to collect you know. I love Jesus the first pitch. Of the those gut and defy. So it's great to play parents he's somewhat all quit and he's in over their heads an awful hard so that was that he would. You'd re think about it he's main motivation. Was just survival and money. And you know if if a lot of us most of us was in the stall with community. We would not be good Skywalk try to fight would like state it's in control before that we would be on. China don't they today life. And I get reward from a from a princess. And I think the reward France's yeah well but sir yes the that it. Arch this show always instant OK I don't know if it's a song that's in your heart where it was something he was listening to I don't hear what it is but it's odious. Little doubt that record through when one writes from if that can't get stuck to show that. Strap yourself in a K take us it's going to be short though the short. And it's going to be it's gonna be from one of my free of Levy's. Come into America. Eddie Murphy. Excellent a kick who. Wow. I think. They're gonna go back and yet intimate the thin man of style popular Soviet Jews that I think that it will be with I think mission that's from one of my for a Eva movies. Comes America great and it's just Ecstasy doesn't in the Marist. In the hearings on it you're gonna do a lot. And that's kind of the you die when he be able to talk to you because if you do they had will please won't you be. It will be hot seat hospital cook Carly we really yes a lot shakier and sent them a secret.

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