Trial to Begin for Bride Who Allegedly Pushed Husband Off Cliff

Jordan Graham is accused of killing her husband just eight days into their marriage.
3:00 | 12/09/13

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Transcript for Trial to Begin for Bride Who Allegedly Pushed Husband Off Cliff
To the high-profile murder trial getting under way in montana. Jordan graham, accused of pushes her husband off a cliff eight days after getting married. Ryan owens has the story. Reporter: Only two people know what happened atop this montana cliff late that july night. One of them, cody johnson, is dead. And this morning, the other, his new bride, jordan graham, goes on trial for murder. The prosecution, I think, has a tough hurdle in this case. She'll get a presumption of n innocence because she's a pretty white woman. Reporter: They say she fell out of love just eight days after her wedding. In the final pretrial filings, kros cuters plan to tell the skrurry graham pushed mr. Johnson in the back with both hands. Mr. Johnson fell face first to his death. The government plans to call 39 witnesses, including experts to detail evidence found at glacier national park. Like a piece of clothe near diopson's body. Authorities believe graham blindfolded her husband before he fell 200 feet to his death. Prosecutors accused graham of an elaborate coverup. They plan to show the jury text messages and e-mails they claim she sent herself from a fak account to throw authorities off her trail. The prosecution basically saying she was lying. Because she was lying, therefore, she's a murder. Reporter: Fwragraham pleaded not guilty. Her defense team hopes to keep her free admitting her story change over time but that the situation was self-defense. They were arguing when the newlyweds struggles. He grabbed her and she fought back. This morning, jury selection begin. Will they decid she's a calculating killer or a innocent young bride. For "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, missoula, montana. More from dan abrams. Now it will get started. What do you expect opening statements from both sides? The prosecution is going to say, her story doesn't make sense. They'll focus on what she did afterwards. They have a lot of evidence that she was engaged in a coverup. She wasn't telling the truth, et cetera. They'll point out specifics. Some of the text messages. An hour and a half after her husband died, she's texting about dance moves. The defense will try to put the police on trial. They're going to say they have not gibb accurate accounts of what she said. They'll foe downs legal standard a lot. You're talking about the intent to kill somebody. For first or second-degree murder, you need a level of intent. It can't have just been that she was defending herself, pushing back. And the prosecution has the burden of proof when it comes to that. And no eyewitness. That has to be dafifficult for the prosecution. It will make it very hard. You heard there, the discussion about the possibility that there was a blindfold involved. Without an eyewitness, where there was just the two of them there, with just some level of physical evidence associated with the blindfold. I think first-degree murder, very, very hard for prosecutors to prove here. That's why. Pau because there were no witnesses. Even though she's been inconsistent? That will likely lead to a conviction of something. But likely the lesser charges. Thank you, dan. Sfwlnc time for the weather again. Back out to ginger zee in

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Jordan Graham is accused of killing her husband just eight days into their marriage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21146327","title":"Trial to Begin for Bride Who Allegedly Pushed Husband Off Cliff","url":"/GMA/video/newlywed-murder-trial-begin-bride-jordan-graham-allegedly-21146327"}