Hot Sauce Brings Josh Elliott to Tears

Steve Seabury of High River Sauces shares some of his spiciest with Josh, Sam and Lara.
4:04 | 04/22/13

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Transcript for Hot Sauce Brings Josh Elliott to Tears
-- -- -- -- -- -- It's not enough we -- what are we doing now Stephen you want a buddy of -- super different -- -- and he's been to -- shows. Where you actually have to sign waivers yes or you -- it before you taste -- -- whom are. Pretty much how about how bad as what -- What -- -- I think about. That is what Larry is an undated. Quote what all oneself is all natural Soledad extracts -- yes that's all the -- is certain the -- and I smell -- right -- that doesn't mean you're not hot. -- no it's it's and I -- we doesn't melt yeah. I got a hot water I didn't know well that's -- -- -- because this -- -- Monsanto lightest. -- desire. And I guess all right and this is all this is of the -- here are the odds are. Hi I'm exhausted I got back and then this is a senior regulations hot sauce okay you -- -- -- no I'm not yeah. -- itself -- wrath. I don't. Here Bob road -- route and there's of the scorpion -- some scorpion it's. This this worry here is -- and we'll pick one you don't want to point honestly I cannot I am their lyrical. They're all all -- winning sauces. On this -- took third place of the world championship club in January. Customers got blood oranges apples appears in the -- the -- broken record and agility of covering the Clinton gets the book isn't mop is much -- -- a cookbook -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and ten were my going to hear what some that this happened. Get in -- Sam getting close at least. We close out. No. Eight mysterious cargo -- that's good home wow. Well no not just to the back of the throat yeah. No one else has evacuated. Wednesday that the disaster zone when you don't think -- -- them. We're gonna love it I love it that will be amazing on -- eggs -- to broaden. -- -- -- -- -- -- I've got to know what. Danny was an -- I can't let them know you're going to Rhode Island are all the way to the -- -- -- -- -- I don't. About Michael year old -- and I wanna and yeah. Absolutely you know and I -- this -- Following that got a lot they'll. -- -- -- -- You don't know me I'm sure he's not the only thing I think are obviously very little outcomes are not a plumber -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's not why didn't it starts making a -- to live up. -- Literally he had. I don't know -- to get my. Grin yeah. -- begin to reassess your life. Wow that's it. Yeah it and I didn't think I was might planted in -- -- -- and -- -- you know let's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now John's dog. I already -- -- -- the state will want to thank you look at mashed potatoes. Ressam began a judge and may have been heavily detrimental it. -- by congress still functioning.

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{"id":19015662,"title":"Hot Sauce Brings Josh Elliott to Tears","duration":"4:04","description":"Steve Seabury of High River Sauces shares some of his spiciest with Josh, Sam and Lara.","url":"/GMA/video/news-bloopers-hot-sauce-brings-anchor-josh-elliott-19015662","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}