Newtown, Conn., First Responders Receive Standing Ovation

Police officers and firefighters receive applause from a grateful community at town's vigil.
2:15 | 12/17/12

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Transcript for Newtown, Conn., First Responders Receive Standing Ovation
responders. They received a standing ovation before last night's vigil. The police officers and firefighters were first on the scene, trying to do whatever they could to get the people to safety. We talked to the first responders in an abc news exclusive. They are trained to be heroes. On friday morning, the team of first responders arrived at the scene within minutes. Prepared to save lives at sandy hook elementary. We set up a triage area right by the rescue truck. Reporter: They waited, Then the horror began to set in. It was astonishing to hear what we were supposed to be prepared for. There was hope we would be able to help people. Reporter: As those moments passed and you realized you were not going to be called upon, what was that like? We are trained to do this. We wanted to help people. There was nothing we could do. Twlerp that day to do anything we could for their children. We're going to do whatever we can for them. We wish w could have done more. Reporter: So many families would have done anything to see those faces again. I have spoke on the a lot o parents. Spoke about the worst moments were when they got here and they hoped to see their child. It was the biggest roller coaster of emotion to see one family reunite and another one still lost. We knew that point there was -- there wasn't going to be good news. Reporter: As the hours passed, so, too, did the hope. But some parents just couldn't leave that fire house. How long did those parents stay? Some of them quite awhile. Some of them stayed most of the night there. Some of those gorgeous kids and the big eyes. It's so sad. They're so innocent. They did nothing wrong. They did nothing to deserve this. Reporter: And they have to put so much aside. The woman you saw there worked three hours the morning of the shooting, not knowing if her mother, an employee at the school hiding in a closet, was safe. She was, though. We go back to times square

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{"id":17997269,"title":"Newtown, Conn., First Responders Receive Standing Ovation","duration":"2:15","description":"Police officers and firefighters receive applause from a grateful community at town's vigil.","url":"/GMA/video/newtown-connecticut-school-shooting-responders-receive-standing-ovation-17997269","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}