Connecticut School Shooting: 1 Gunman Confirmed Dead

Students at Sandy Hook elementary school are seen being led out of building by teachers.
3:00 | 12/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Connecticut School Shooting: 1 Gunman Confirmed Dead
Breaking news now for you on the West Coast I'm Josh -- alongside Amy robot you are seeing here a map of Connecticut Connecticut state police and swat teams are now responding. To a school shooting at an elementary school in -- its roughly two hours to the north and east of New York City the images you see here. Children being led from sandy hook elementary school is the district's largest school and we can tell you that one shooter. Is dead at sandy hook elementary the school now cleared of shooters Newtown police say there is at least one other person shot. In addition to the shooter state police meanwhile telling ABC news that they are still treating this as an -- Active shooter situation right now school officials meanwhile. Have mobilized at a local -- state emergency management officials confirming that ambulances and other units. Again these are pictures from. The parking lot of the school first responders on scene they -- police also believe they may have located the suspect's car. Again. As we just started getting information here. Let me get -- sandy hook elementary school -- fifteen miles from Danbury another major city in Connecticut again to out of north. And east of New York City and. And obviously of -- Incredible concern it is the extent of the injuries that may. I have occurred there at sandy hook elementary school we do know according to the new town being who is on the scene. That there was one child to carry from the school by a police officer they witnessed apparently seriously wounded. We know that other injuries have been reported. We know that those emergency personnel who have gathered there and -- have set up triage facilities but the extent of those injuries are unclear right now we know that according to the web site. Of Newtown school they say this afternoon buses. And kindergarten are canceled the school district superintendent issuing this statement. Due to reports of a shooting as yet -- confirmed the district is taking preventative measures by putting all schools in lockdown. Until we ensure safety of all students and staff so that is both public and private schools in the area all on lockdown at this hour. Can take you through a timeline as it's come available this according. To the Courant dot com that is the web site of the Hartford current. The police responded to a shooting at 940. Roughly 9:40 AM eastern time of course the shooter was in fact. In the -- office of the school again unconfirmed reports of two shooters shooters we do of course now we can confirm that one shooter has. Been killed another perhaps at large we do not have that confirmed. And again as of 10:30 eastern students were still being led as you see the students here lead from the school by -- teachers. Again and we can tell you now it is an active shooter seen that the school itself. Has been cleared we did receive reports as well. That the FBI swat team was on scene we want -- now bring in a former FBI special agent and then GMA correspondent Brad Garrett joining us by phone and Brad. We now have these reports that a swat team from the FBI has responded along with state police. As they walked down that school what is the first thing they're looking to do. To ensure. That they got this situation can change jobs -- probably those. Still don't know where they don't know perhaps -- shooters they might check out. Have they done anything else to -- school Olympic grounds -- Klebold and Harris that column -- If you had could be trapped the plates that number out of -- -- it's it's all of that you've got to focus dark and the second thing is. Do you have any kids or teachers or administrators -- that you got to get out of the building despair that -- And Brad that we know that as we mentioned at one shooter is confirmed dead they do believe there may have been a second shooter. They say they have cleared at the school so I'm imagining that search may go beyond will be on the school district looking for a potential top person at march. What exactly -- perhaps. -- -- -- shooter who brutally destitute the second person is -- back there -- the second person could help carrying the probably Gates's. Is that. People sometimes -- things that aren't exactly -- -- the eyewitness issue. Where there really be one shooter with people because they Arctic Circle I believe -- more or could be sure to keep -- -- right. Again and Brad -- this district has asked that parents not flood district phones -- with phone -- obviously. Every parent here wants to know that their children is -- I'm certain. Many parents now making their way to the school. What would you tell parents right now as they are making their way to an active crime scene. Well typically what the police to do is sit at eight chip point -- these schools where. They can go and check in with an officer and find out exactly what they do -- because. The problem is bacteria were all its dark good and accurate pork bill has not. Going to -- -- while it still the -- she is. Keeping parents informed keep them off the -- -- -- the school.

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{"id":17974267,"title":"Connecticut School Shooting: 1 Gunman Confirmed Dead","duration":"3:00","description":"Students at Sandy Hook elementary school are seen being led out of building by teachers.","url":"/GMA/video/newtown-connecticut-school-shooting-sandy-hook-elementary-gunman-17974267","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}