Sandy Hook Nurse Hid Steps Away From Gunman

Nurse Sally Cox reveals moments when gunman stood near her office as she hid under desk.
3:20 | 12/17/12

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Transcript for Sandy Hook Nurse Hid Steps Away From Gunman
And we're joined now by another survivor of the tragedy, the school nurse, sally cox. Thank you for coming in this morning. Thank you. I know this is difficult. Take us back to that moment. When did you first know something had gone wrong? Hearing loud popping noise. I mean, just -- something I have never heard in my life. And your mind doesn't think that it could be that. But when the secretary called out to me, with terror in her voice, it just told me there was something terrible happening. That's when you went under the desk? Yes. While you're under there, you actually see the feet of the shooter? There's an opening in the back for wiring. And, as I was crouching down, i could see my doorway, because you in the office, you enter the office and into my office. And when I heard the door close, you know -- and he pro walked in, and I was looking and I saw -- I could see him from the knees down. See the legs. Right in front of you? 20 feet away. His boots facing my desk. And he turned and walked away? It was seconds. He turned and walked out. I heard the door close. What do you do next? After the door closed, i don't know how the secretary had the courage but she did. She raced into my office and pulled the door closed and raced behind my desk. We pulled the phone off my desk and I held the phone while she dialed 911. We placed a call. Thank goodness you did that. The fact that the police got there so quickly, the governor said, prevented more killing. Right after that, you locked yourself? We raced into my supply closet and pulled the door closed. You were there for the next four hours. Nearly. It was 1:15 before we -- we -- we were petrified. N't know how many there could have been. We were listening. You couldn't hear a whole lot. We heard screaming and the gunshots. And -- I know the police shielded you as you left. So you wouldn't see what happened. They told us to close our eyes. They said, close your eyes. You knew every child in that school. I see them all at least once a year for their hearing and vision, so -- you know, and then, some I see a lot more often. But I get to know them. I know at first you didn't want to hear about the victims. Yeah. Have you been able to learn anything more since? Oh, yeah, by saturday night, the list wasn't officially out until the public until saturday night. Finally, I know you have been starting to learn that for now at least you may not be going back to sandy hook. How long with that be? They haven't given us any indication. There's a lot of different things being mentioned. And -- but we know there will be at least a temporary place for us to go. And not back to that school. Not back to that school, no. Sally, thank you for joining

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Nurse Sally Cox reveals moments when gunman stood near her office as she hid under desk.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17997111","title":"Sandy Hook Nurse Hid Steps Away From Gunman","url":"/GMA/video/newtown-connecticut-school-shooting-sandy-hook-nurse-hid-17997111"}