NFL Wives Host Fashion Show on Super Bowl Weekend

A behind the scenes look at a fundraising effort by the significant others of NFL stars.
3:00 | 02/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NFL Wives Host Fashion Show on Super Bowl Weekend
For some people the super bowl is all about the ads for some it's actually about the game itself allegedly and for others, it's about fashion, specifically for the wives of the players who held a fashion show and invited our own Sara Haines to the catwalk and here she is fresh from the catwalk. That might have been their first mistake. You might not think fashion fits foo a weekend mostly about football but they have managed to combine football, fashion and fund-raising with a whole lot of fun. Thisser the most loyal fans anywhere. Footballwise, of course. Whoo-hoo. I'm really excited. Reporter: Especially Jesse James doubter, who posed for that sexy photo shoot for "Gq" along with her husband Eric and her baby bump. If my water broke at the game I would just go to the hospital and nobody would tell him and then after he wins, then this he would notify him and then he'd have his ring and his baby. Reporter: Oh, my gosh, can you imagine anything better? Each year off the field they bring their annual fund-raiser to the city hosting the super bowl. Including the wife of NFL hall of famer Emmitt smith. It's all about the ladies. Reporter: There's a gourmet brunch, award ceremony and treasure-filled silent auction. This year benefiting gems. A local organization aimed at stopping the exploitation of girls and young women. It just means a lot people are paying attention to this issue and recognize that girls and young women need this organization. Reporter: The whole event is capped off by a charity fashion show and this year, they asked me to walk the runway. Sunday is about football but today it's about fashion. Yes. Reporter: Any advice I hit the runway. You go out there and just work it. Who you are. Reporter: First I had a fitting to select my outfit. This gorgeous Oscar de la rent. A quick lesson on how to pose and time to strut. We marched down the runway. Some of us with more swagger than the others. By the way, this event takes place every year's Saks fifth avenue and the city hosting the super bowl and John cruise told me they sit around with bated breath to see which city because this is their super bowl. You owned it on the catwalk. Victoria's secret is on the other line. Oh, I highly doubt that. You might want to pick that line up again and see who it really is. Y look beautiful. Thank you. Are you ready? I'll flip over backwards. Another Siderman moment. We'll turn to weather. Pass it over to Adam Joseph.

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{"id":22327769,"title":"NFL Wives Host Fashion Show on Super Bowl Weekend","duration":"3:00","description":"A behind the scenes look at a fundraising effort by the significant others of NFL stars.","url":"/GMA/video/nfl-wives-host-fashion-show-super-bowl-weekend-22327769","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}