Nick Cannon: 'Big Difference Between Humor and Hatred'

The singer and comedian responds to criticism of his wearing "whiteface."
3:00 | 03/31/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nick Cannon: 'Big Difference Between Humor and Hatred'
We move on to nick cannon, days after he posted photos of himself in white face. The debate hasn't died down. Here to talk about that and his new Al bim. First a look at how this all started. It's the instagram picture that sent the internet into overdrive. Nick cannon in white stais face taking on an alter ego. He captioned it, it's official. I'm white. Connor small, guy's good, bro. Another white character. Rock the night moves. Reporter: It's part of his promotional campaign for his new album. It puts the album title in your head. So it's actually a very smart move. Even though it may offend some people. Reporter: And offend it has. Some calling it racist, tweeting, let he relax, have fun, and wear black face. Let's see hour everyone reacts. Others support, what you're doing is hilarious. There are stereo types in all races. Will it help or hurt his first album in a decade. Nick cannon joins us. Great to have you back. Great to be here. You knew what you were doing. I did. I really did. It was one of those things. Naming my album title and doing the character, I knew it would spark controversy. But I felt like it was a conversation that is needed. We all have ditches. I talk about it in my standup all the time. It's not a new conversation. It's, I think, it was the topic of sensationalism. What about the people that called it racist, if someone went out there in black face, there would be an uproar. Without getting too serious. People have sensitive. That's why I did it. If you want to have that real conversation, it's funny they're using the term white face, like I don't know what that is? I know black face was a term created in 1969 to describe offensive minstrel shows. White face, if you fwooggoogle it, it's a ski slope in upstate new York. This term that we have created, I was doing a character impression. Black face is about oppression. If you want to have that conversation, we can have that conversation. We can have it on both levels. It's to have fun and put it out there, yes, we have issues with race in this country. In this world. It doesn't have to be with hatred. There's a big difference between humor and hatred. They got into the title of the album. White people party music. Would it be the same if eminem's album was black people rapper music? Just saying opinion. I bet the album would still go platinum. People get so sensitive. It gets like this whole double standard. It reminds me of the kids a little bit. When one gets away with something, they point the finger, why does he get to do that? It's not that big of deal. I'm an artist. As long as I can embrace it, I get the opportunity to create. Everything comes with consequences and a little heat. If I can take the heat, let's ride. This is your first abu in more than a decade. Yeah, yeah. It's interesting. I feel like it doesn't seem like that time went because I've still been in music for quite some time. Hi I've had a morning radio show. I have had jobs at record labels. I was like, oh, I forgot to put an album out. Because I'm so busy. I wanted to do it from a place of, Yo, this is fun. From the tight toll the characters. If you listen to the album, it's so funny. And it's a bunch of stuff that is probably going to cause controversy. You and the twins celebrated Mariah's birthday a few days back. She doesn't have birthdays. She celebrates the year she appeared. You don't want to know what year that is or she has an verses of that day. But we had a lot of fun. We went to Disney world. That's huge in hour house hold. We go every opportunity we get. Glad to see you so healthy as well. Feeling well? Thank you. Feeling great. Tiptop shape. I was diagnosed with lupus in 20 2012. I have a clean bill of health. He'll perform later on live with Kelly & Michael. We're back with beauty tips from makeup gurus.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The singer and comedian responds to criticism of his wearing \"whiteface.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23125488","title":"Nick Cannon: 'Big Difference Between Humor and Hatred'","url":"/GMA/video/nick-cannon-big-difference-humor-hatred-23125488"}