Nick Offerman Talks 'The Founder'

The actor appears live on "GMA" to discuss his role in the upcoming film about McDonald's.
5:16 | 01/18/17

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Transcript for Nick Offerman Talks 'The Founder'
Good morning. So happy right now. Yes. You know, you make us happy but someone else we know you make happy -- We'll try and keep you that way. Yes. You've been married to your wife Megan Mullally for 14 years. Congratulations on that. Ah. But you're very impressionable guy. I'm curious, what was her first impression of you when you two met in that play back in the day? We met doing a play in the year 2000 and it was a big cast of 24 and she thought that they hadn't cast my part yet and the plumber friend was sitting in to read the first rehearsal and somewhere during the proceedings she was like, they should just use the plumber. He's pretty funny. Made quite an impression. Dubious beginning. What was your first impression of her? My first impression of her was a sense of looking seven echelons up. I was like, wow, she lives on another planet. She's gorgeous and so funny and it -- like it didn't even occur to me that she was out of my league. She was like in another species. I was like, wow. They tell me she's human but -- I'll need some proof. The dynamic duo. What was it -- we had Michael Keaton here earlier this week and B.J. Last week. What was it like working with Mr. Compete everybody. Oh, god, well, he's a hero for my whole life. I mean as somebody that I really look up to. And so he really made me a terrible actor because being in a room with him shooting lightning bowls out of his blue eyes at me, I'm sitting there thinking, oh, I see why you're a movie star. You're amazing was my line. We beeped it out just in time. Don't worry. We were talking about first impressions. He plays ray Kroc from McDonald's. You play one of the McDonald's brothers and his character makes quite an impression on you when you first meet. Let's take a look. Ray, we have an interest in a milk shake that contains no milk. Why not add saw dust to the hamburgers. Frozen French fries. You don't want to save a bundle. Not like that. We're talking about the same great taste, while boosting the bottom line. It's called a milk shake. Ray. Real milk, now and forever. Wait. Have you been familiar with McDonald's story? I knew sort of the larger themes. I love Eric Schlosser's fast food nation and Michael poll land's "Omnivore's dilemma" and some of my family are grain farmers and I'm really interested in how fast food and industrial agriculture has sort of killed small farms. You weren't a real McDonald's fan? As I kid I was like anybody but then we're all kind of as a society learning the dark underbelly of these institutions. But those brothers. But the personal stories of what happened to the brothers, I was astonished and that's -- to me the combination of Michael Keaton and this story that will blow your mind. It's like finding out the post office was run -- started by shrek. You're just like what. I totally agree. How did no one know about this. Go in with no preconceived notions. Who knew? Crazy. You do a great job. You're an amazing straight man but you're also quite an open book about your many, many talents. Let me just -- I heard -- A long list. Carrying luggage. Carrying luggage. Both washing and drying the dishes. Whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm reading here -- Not to brag. You can break dance. I can pop a little. You shouldn't have said that. I shouldn't have said that. Right? I love that. We can -- We weren't expecting that at all. I can pop a little. Love this man. You know what, you're lucky. We have to wrap. We can finish in a little. ??? Who's the beatbox at this table? Michael. The gap. Too much wind. Gap. I tried. As a kid. Going to save all of us.

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{"id":44844580,"title":"Nick Offerman Talks 'The Founder'","duration":"5:16","description":"The actor appears live on \"GMA\" to discuss his role in the upcoming film about McDonald's.","url":"/GMA/video/nick-offerman-talks-founder-44844580","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}