Nicole Richie Talks 'Candidly Nicole'

The reality star talks about her new show and answers your social media questions.
5:24 | 07/07/14

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Transcript for Nicole Richie Talks 'Candidly Nicole'
TV. Most of us first got to know her of course on the simple life with Paris Hilton, and now her popular web series is coming to vh 1, where she'll bring her no-holds-barred tweets. Are you going to welcome Nicole Richie? You are a hoot on Twitter. Thank you. This is how this all came about. This is why you're getting back into television? Yes. You know, the show is -- the show is based off of my Twitter. How I use Twitter, I use it to laugh. I use it to really make fun of myself and explore things that I don't know anything about. Like online dating, something I missed because I was -- Right. With my husband before. And gel mails, things in life we are going with but don't know a lot about. Very light-hearted. Very light. And I use Twitter to make fun of myself, and that's how I use the show. And, you know, it's not -- it's not reality. It's not scripted, it's in between real life comedy. And I love to explore, learn, and more importantly, love to have fun and found a place I can do all three. It's so much fun. We know that real life can be comedy. Has to be, right? You said something online dating, we have a little bit that have episode. Take a look. You have to at least paint the picture. You can show them your real self later. And then too deep -- We're not going to get a guy for you by you just showing who you are. Lure them in a little bit. With someone else's personality? Yes. Exactly. Exactly. And many people to want know, we went on the Twitter account asking people, what are the perspective that you hope people come away with after watching your show? I hope people just have a good time and kind of take that kne feeling of wanting to escape and just have fun watching the show. But walking away with actual, like, you know, knowing actual things. There is a takeaway from this show. We cover everything from online dating to women respecting women to raising chickens -- Okay. Which is something I have been doing. So you're always walking away with information, but having fun while doing it, and I'm kind of the butt of the joke and saying let's all do this together and have fun. You're -- you have been here, we have video of you behind the scenes here at "Good morning America," take on different responsibilities. And that's something you're going to do on the program. Something that I love to do. Yeah. Yes. Have you had fun here with us? It's been -- it's very aggressive being here. A lot going on early in the morning in New York. There you are in action. Yes. I'm still getting my "I'm the boss" behavior down. But -- But you got the pointing. I got that. You got that down. I was snapping, I didn't know it was a bossy snap. Just like that. It's okay. But you look the part as well. Thank you. You are someone that people look to, and you are willing to take chances, hair, whatever, and you said even though you know you look back and go, hmm, but you like to be in the moment? That's the point of life. To just happy, to be in the moment. And you have to have a sense of humor about life. It's really the only way to live is to just constantly look at yourself and being be able to laugh and grow from these experiences and evolve. And that's the whole point, right? And you have grown. So you are a devoted mother to two adorable children. Thank you. How has motherhood changed you? It is -- everyone -- you know. It's like, what else can you say? It's just -- it's just the best. It really -- it teaches you a lot about yourself, and -- and teaches you about patience ask coming from a place of love and constant compassion. And really -- really giving you the opportunity to -- to be what you say that you are instead of just saying that -- that you are. You know? Actually being a real example to your kids. And it's fun, you get to live your childhood all over again. And it's the best. And -- you grew up around a lot of love. Your father. I had -- before he performed last night, he was great, he's going to be a part of the show too. He is. He loves the camera. We brought him on the show. Yes, both of my parents have just showered me with love from day one. Now both showering my grandkids. My mom is over the top. I know she's watching. But she knows, over the top grandma with gifts and love. They know that too. Hey, it was wonderful to spend -- never enough time. Candidly Nicole premiers Thursday, July 18th on VH1. Now another check of the weather

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{"id":24450553,"title":"Nicole Richie Talks 'Candidly Nicole'","duration":"5:24","description":"The reality star talks about her new show and answers your social media questions.","url":"/GMA/video/nicole-richie-interview-2014-reality-star-talks-candidly-24450553","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}