Niecy Nash's Love Tips: Take a Selfie Every Day

Actress and matchmaking guru reveals tips on love from her book, "It's Hard to Fight Naked."
3:18 | 05/09/13

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Transcript for Niecy Nash's Love Tips: Take a Selfie Every Day
So great having our friend She has a brand-new book in stores now called "it's hard to fight naked" which we'll talk about in a moment. You know, when niecy fell in love with her husband jay she wanted all her friends to be in love that. I remember. I was there and now she made it her mission to help as many women to find the right relationship for them and we are so happy to have you here. Hi, honey bun. Reunited and it feels so good. I love seeing you and I'm so thrilled for you about the book and, of course, it would have a title like this. What do you mean? What are you saying? Hmm. How did you discover it's hard to fight naked? Well, listen, listen, I don't think it's a secret that nakedness kind of calms any situation and if you say naked, you probably won't argue at all. You got married to jay and we all got to share in your wedded bliss. Niecy nash's wedding bash on tlc, a total hoot. How has it been for you, this search and why do you feel the need to make sure that everybody is as happy as you are? Well, you know what, I think the place that we struggle the most is in the thing that we were created for. We were created for love. Yet, you know, when you think about the problems that we have, boom, a lot of them are in our relationships. So I said, you know, I started having the conversation with my girlfriends and that turned into a web series called "let's talk about love" and then the series turned into a book. Can I just brag about you? Like you are real. You are good at this. Sherri shepherd. One of our mutual friends is happily aried thanks to one of your matchmaking parties. She met her husband in my living room. And it's standing room only. Every girl is like can I get an invite to your next matchmaking party. I love what you talk about in the book. So profound and very simple. You attract what you are. The biggest problem that women make or people make in getting a relationship is you jump in when you're not your best self. You know what I mean. So you draw that similar energy to you. So you say why are all these boys crazy that I'm dating? Why are, you know, these men, you know, doing these crazy things? Girl, because you're crazy. Huh! And you just invited crazy right on to your home party. Hello. When I was working with you, we were great friends working alongside each other and you were always talking about meeting mr. Right. You were going out on dates. I'll never forget the day you said I think I met him and you're right. Your husband jay but in the courtship one thing you did every single day from the set you would send him a self-ie of yourself. I would take pictures because I wanted him to see me every day to see what he was missing. I took great pleasure trying to photo bomb your self-ie. This is from the courtship of niecy. And this is from about -- lara. Really? I would do it almost every day. Almost every day. Drive you crazy. I could never get -- everybody check out this book. It is filled with great advice and so funny like this wonderful gal niecy nash and on sale now.

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{"id":19142527,"title":"Niecy Nash's Love Tips: Take a Selfie Every Day","duration":"3:18","description":"Actress and matchmaking guru reveals tips on love from her book, \"It's Hard to Fight Naked.\"","url":"/GMA/video/niecy-nash-book-hard-fight-naked-love-tips-19142527","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}