Nigella Lawson Says Ex Spread False Accusations of Drug Use

The TV chef testified in a fraud trial that Charles Saatchi threatened to "destroy" her.
3:00 | 12/04/13

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Transcript for Nigella Lawson Says Ex Spread False Accusations of Drug Use
all night long. We're going to get to the latest on nigella lawson. The celebrity chef is taking the stand. She was reluctant because her ex-husband has been threatening her. Lama hasan is there. Reporter: Since the trial began, nigella lawson is breaking her silence and speaking out. Saying her ex-husband, charles saatchi, is spreading false accusations of her alleged drug use. Things are heating up in the courtroom behind me this morning. This morning, nigella lawson arrived at the courthouse, holding her head high, just before making shocking claims against former husband, charles saatchi, who she now refers to as mr. Saatchi. Saying, quote, I've been put on trial here. It's been a summer of bullying and abuse. In testimony, lawson says he was spreading false accusations of drug use. Describing it as a p.R. Stunt and salvaging his reputation and damaging hers. As for those images that went viral this summer, nigella calls it, a, quote, awful incident. And that saatchi threatened her, saying if you don't come back to me and clear my name, I will destroy you. This is supposed to be a trial against her former assistants, accused of spending $1 million of the couple's money. In an emotional testimony today, lawson said that lisa grillo, her assistant, broke her heart. I love lisa. And that illicit spend big the sisters had not been approved. This trial that's meant to be a fore trial, is really unveiling much more about the couple's failed relationship. This morning, nigella saying that saatchi had a temper and didn't take part in family life. The trial carries on all week. George? Thank you very much. Let's bring in dan abrams in right now. It's the assistants on trial here. But nigella lawson feels like she's on the stand. And that's because so much is going to turn on whether the jury believes or not she's using drugs. You can understand why she feels she's on trial there. The defense was given permission to use the cards, because she was on drugs. We were working long hours because she was on drugs. That becomes a crucial part of the defense here. If these jurors don't believe that she was abusing drugs, i think this case is over. If they do, it still doesn't mean they're getting off. It gets complicated because charles saatchi has recanted on his accusations. But there's e-mails that say, the assistants will get off because of her, nigella's, drug use. He does make a comment at the end of the e-mail suggesting they still did it. His powerful words in an e-mail. You can't take that away. You can say, yes, I didn't mean it. I meant it as hyperbole. I was trying to make a point. But those are powerful words. The question is whether the jurors are going to take it literally or not. But you can understand. She's sitting there on the stand, as we speak, why she feels like this isn't their trial. This is my trial. Everyone's looking at me. And what I'm saying about this. And to some degree, I'm sure she feels that people don't care that much about what they did. You can understand her frustration. No question about it. All the headlines. Dan abrams, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The TV chef testified in a fraud trial that Charles Saatchi threatened to \"destroy\" her.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21092485","title":"Nigella Lawson Says Ex Spread False Accusations of Drug Use","url":"/GMA/video/nigella-lawson-spread-false-accusations-drug-21092485"}