Nipping and Tucking Becoming the New Norm?

Many questioning why so many are spending thousands of dollars on age reducing plastic surgery.
3:59 | 06/18/15

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Transcript for Nipping and Tucking Becoming the New Norm?
We turn now to a remarkable rise of plastic surgery. More than 15 million cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S. Last year and now a new "Time" cover says nip and tuck has become the new norm. Linsey Davis with the story. I have not had plastic surgery. Reporter: It used to be the stuff of mockery. I'm very, sea upset about. You don't look upset. Ah, the botox. Reporter: These days the plastic surgery stigma is all but gone. Cosmetic procedures have kind of become the new makeup. Women are doing it because it's the new norm and their friends are doing it. Reporter: As Joel stein, the author of "Nip, tuck. Or else" points out most are going under the knife to keep up the Jones. According to stein last year alone doctors performed more than 15 million cosmetic procedures in the U.S. Most of the roughly $13 billion Americans spend on cosmetic procedures went to breast augmentation and lipo. But where do you start? Meet the knife coach. Clients pay her up to $500 an hour to recommend doctors and procedures. I see private clients, they run the gamut from CEOs to soccer moms. Reporter: But what if you can't afford your very own knife coach. Had he had to It's like yelp for cosmetic procedures. Katina wanted her prebaby body back and got a tummy tuck, the first one was a disaster. First surgery was like a nightmare. Reporter: She turned to real self to keep from making the same mistake to find a doctor to give her the results she wanted. She says no need to keep this beauty secret under wraps. I had a great experience my second time. I knew I had to share it with people. Reporter: The notion of getting work done no longer accompanied by shame but some might say necessity for those who are on all the time. Now that we're all on social media, we're all celebrities and we feel like we're on the red carpet all the time. Reporter: For "Good morning America," linsey Davis, ABC news, New York. Thank you, linsey. Want to well democrat back Dr. Whitney Bowe. Are you seeing this big rise. Absolutely. You know, more and more the needle is the new knife and patients are coming in and they're actually just requesting, they're opting for minimally invasistic and N noninvasive proceed hours. Women want to have things before the wrinkles show up. Three main prophylactic or preventive treatments we're doing in the office. The most popular is the botox injections and place those injections -- Botox. To prevent the appearance of those angry 11s, the lines across the forehead, crow's feet from even forming in the first place, doing resurfacing lasers to prevent the dilation of pores and changes and tone and texture. A lot of skin tightening nonearn vasive procedures as well to prevent the formation of jowls and a double chin from forming years down the road. I didn't know it was called the angry 11. I think I have the angry 22 because I have a couple of those. The earlobes is a big one. Earlobes? A lot of women who wear heavy earrings, it can pull down the lobe. So you can put little drop of filler and bring it right back. The decolletage and chest area can become crepey and tighten that up. The hands, a major area -- I'm feeling very loose right now. Lift it all up and see the veins, tendons. We can use fillers to tighten that up. Right above the knee, so we can use radio frequency and different things to lift that up, as well. You've said more and more people are using the nonsurgical ways. There are always risks. The main ones are redness, swelling, bruising, but it's also important to keep in mind all of these treatments require maintenance. You know, so the cost can add up over the years. Okay, Dr. Bowe, thanks for coming back. To Amy. And I have "Deals & steals."

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Many questioning why so many are spending thousands of dollars on age reducing plastic surgery. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31855824","title":"Nipping and Tucking Becoming the New Norm?","url":"/GMA/video/nipping-tucking-norm-31855824"}