Residents Urged to Evacuate After North Dakota Train Crash

Firefighters are still trying to put out flames from after two freight trains collided.
3:00 | 12/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Residents Urged to Evacuate After North Dakota Train Crash
We're going to turn to the massive fiery train derailment in north dakota. Two trains colliding and sending dangerous plumes of smoke into the air. Firefighters trying to put out the flames amid arctic temperatures there. And alex perez has been working this story for us overnight. Alex, good morning. Reporter: David, good morning. The crews working through the night. Half of the town not taking any chances. And following the voluntary evacuation order. This morning, crews are desperately fighting to extinguish massive flames now threatening an entire town full of people. 300-foot fireballs filling the skies over casselton, north dakota, after a grain train derailed, striking another train carrying crude oil. And sparking a series of thundering explosions. It was the third explosion that rattled the house. The doors and the windows were shaking. Reporter: Those flames creating frightening dark clouds that could be seen for 15 miles. It was like nighttime. It was just dark. The entire sky is blacked out. You can't see anything. Reporter: Fumes from the blaze, so potentially toxic, authorities are now telling casselton's residents to evacuate. Warning anyone south and east of the explosion could be in danger. Our job is to protect the citizens of casselton. Reporter: Another big concern, the weather. In addition to subfreezing temperatures, a change in wind direction could end the plumes of smoke into town. Crude oil, as it burns, has a lot of particulate matter in it. A lot of fumes and bad things that are really difficult for people, especially those with respiratory illnesses. Reporter: And authorities say those flames are so hot, they will basically have to let this fire burn itself out. They say, at this point, they are very lucky there have been no reports of any injuries. Amy? All right, alex perez. Thanks for the latest on that.

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{"id":21377564,"title":"Residents Urged to Evacuate After North Dakota Train Crash","duration":"3:00","description":"Firefighters are still trying to put out flames from after two freight trains collided.","url":"/GMA/video/north-dakota-train-crash-residents-urged-evacuate-21377564","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}