'The Notebook' Stars Reportedly Had No Chemistry

On the 10-year anniversary of the film, the director says Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling often argued behind the scenes.
4:27 | 07/03/14

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Transcript for 'The Notebook' Stars Reportedly Had No Chemistry
Burning up "The heat index." One of the buzzyest stories overnight. "The notebook." The director saying there was a lot of emotion on that set. Not always what they were looking for. The director revealing to VH1, saying that Rachel Mcadams and Ryan gosling, fighting on the set all the time. Gosling even said, you have to get another actress in here. Why do they have to tell us these things. It might have been the rainstorm. She just threw something at him. He's laughing. They were not getting along behind the set. It became a cult classic. Amy's been crying for years. Are you over it yet? No. I watch it again. I still cry. And the crazy thing is, they had a real-life romance. It all works out. It makes the fight scenes more real. I want you to be here. They're channeling their on-screen fights. They were -- just roll on this. How about Sara knows the lines in the movie? My dream is to re-enact those. I still wish I didn't know, though. I'll move on. This is a story that's a hot topic this morning, as well. A new study trending in "The Wall Street journal." It happened overnight. How to encourage your kids to be honest instead of telling lies, revealing that kids are more likely to come clean about their mistakes after hearing positive stories of George Washington, admitting he cut down the cherry tree. Rather than punishing them with consequences or telling them about pinocchio. Kids lie less when they see positive outcomes to telling the truth. That makes sense. The carrot versus the stick. Things turn out well when you tell the truth. The pinocchio leaves them feeling weird. You can't say, it's going to be okay. And when they tell you -- what did you do? You can't do that. We'll tell the truth here. We're feeling a little lonely without Lara Spencer. She's having a great time at wimbledon. Strawberries and cream. Your fancy iced tea earlier. Thank you. And, guys, so important for me to tell you the truth. It's awesome to be here at wimbledon. And the strawberries and cream, they are everything that we heard about. 62,000 pounds of them will be consumed during the two-week tournament. And thankfully, it's true. A bumper crop here in England. The best strawberries they've ever seen. This is one of the staples at wimbledon. The other staple, is the pimm's cup. 230,000 of these will be consumed before the tournament is over. Not by the "Gma" staff. But by everybody enjoying the tournament. There is a controversy brewing. Many who have had them here at the tournament said they are weaker. In fact, a newspaper had them tested. One-third less alcohol. Wimbledon has responded. They said, Duh. It's gorgeous out. The ice melts. In my opinion, controversy over. One other controversy, and I want to bring in three-time wimbledon champion, Chris evert, to talk about -- to talk about the all-white controversy. What do you make of all of the stricter legislation over it? I love it. Should be all-white. It's wimbledon. It's the most different grand slam of all. When I was playing, I had white bloomers with red ruffles on them. I was in the waiting room. They made me go back and put on my white ruffle bloomers. They're serious about this. Thankfully, you had the ruffles. I want to ask you about the semis. You've been in nine finals here. I mean, two great match-ups. These are powerhouses. Who are you watching? I'm going to watch with interest, bouchard/halep match. We're going to see a real contrast in styles. That's going the be intriguing. Before that, we have the all-czech semifinals. Exactly. An exciting day here. What a joy and privilege to be here. About time you're here. Thank you, "Gma." The tennis junkie extraordinary. Lara, thank you so much. Give her a hug for us. Test it out. Rub it in. Rub it in.

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{"id":24409768,"title":"'The Notebook' Stars Reportedly Had No Chemistry","duration":"4:27","description":"On the 10-year anniversary of the film, the director says Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling often argued behind the scenes.","url":"/GMA/video/notebook-stars-reportedly-chemistry-24409768","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}