Novak Djokovic Apologies After Fiery Behavior on the Court

Tennis player was caught on camera snapping at a ball boy during a match at the Miami Open.
2:06 | 04/07/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Novak Djokovic Apologies After Fiery Behavior on the Court
"Gma" and tennis star superstar Novak djokovic apologized after his behavior on the court. He startled a ball boy. The athlete caught on camera during a heated moment on Sunday angrily snatching a towel appearing to yell at the young pan but now the ball boy is speaking out and gio Benitez has that. Reporter: This morning the world's number one tennis player, Novak djokovic apologizing for this fiery moment caught on camera at the Miami open after losing his second set against Andy Murray and startling this ball boy. Watch again, the boy delivering towel is shaken by djokovic's yell. Just moments later the umpire lets djokovic have it. It's not what you said it's the way you said something. Shouting, the kid was scared. Reporter: But djokovic made a comeback winning the Miami open taking to Facebook with a heartfelt apology. I'm sincerely hoping that you can forgive me. Reporter: Saying he was yelling at his coaches. Unfortunately, a ball boy was in the mid the of it and I really, really feel sorry and I regret that he was there. Reporter: Djokovic a father himself seen here on Twitter with his son who he calls his most precious trophy. As a parent I do care about children a lot right now and it's -- I look at it in a much different way so I want to apologize to his parents, as well. He's never done that before so to me it was the heat of the moment. I don't think he had any intention to scare the ball kid. Reporter: The incident out of character for djokovic who's often seen sharing laughs with ball boys. In last year's French open he shared an umbrella and toast. Overnight the ball boy accepting djokovic's apology. Absolutely no hard feelings. He apologized to me and my parents and we all really appreciated that. Reporter: For "Good morning America," gio Benitez, ABC news, New York. Two class acts. If I had to apologize to everybody I yelled at I'd still be apologizing. I think you're right.

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"Tennis player was caught on camera snapping at a ball boy during a match at the Miami Open.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30133342","title":"Novak Djokovic Apologies After Fiery Behavior on the Court","url":"/GMA/video/novak-djokovic-apologies-fiery-behavior-court-30133342"}