Now You Can Touch Virtual Objects

This technology enables you to feel the objects in a video game and on a tablet.
3:00 | 02/19/14

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Transcript for Now You Can Touch Virtual Objects
What if you can feel the video -- -- thing we all feel of course as you're watching the horrible. -- feel the -- that you're buying over the Internet. I'm notices that Disney is such discipline and -- -- making these technologies we have. My name Israelis about. -- my decision generic business experts that I belong to go into action group and -- -- and we explore new ways for people to explode with new technologies. Unsuccessfully -- and tactics tactics is a sense of touch we explore how to fix because we believe that this is an expert for people to communicate to enjoy content to contracted with objects. And the how optics itself brewers a much stronger sense of realism -- in -- an environment. So I would -- you -- simple example where we have two cups. One is my own division excellent film which -- -- the displacement of vibration inside the car and other one is a question to -- -- which -- create. Those those vibrations. So I'm gonna try dropping these people involved -- the come and see if -- feel them and Disco. On the receiving end there. Phones and bureaucracy. -- perimeter around. There's there's no balls -- feel like there's one event. They're experts were later. It feels it is it is currently there. He doesn't sit on -- Yeah. The big problems that haptic feedback technology that has to be contact. -- -- do device and human -- So we explore non contact pat Dixon hit I'm going to show you one of the technology we be doing that we called it studio. So this is -- it's a device which creates free air -- sensations. Went. I mean by that is if it targets you you can feel happy or vibration -- movement against your skin. And the way it does this is he got three president -- That holds five speakers -- -- small -- -- And we articulate all five speakers at same time and they creating formation of air that gets pushed out of this nozzle. This nozzle is specially designed to create -- seats which are donut shaped. Formations of air which travel from room in when they hit your body they collapse. You feel that collapse against -- scam. And by changing the way the speaker's move. We can create cessation of caffeine or vibration. Or movement in addition if you're playing a game -- with some kind of virtual environment. We can -- sensations against your body as you interact with different elements of the game world. We do not have. Interactions with the -- it's connects six with -- six and the -- all this person can move around. Haptic feedback. And we are peaking at the classical music and -- and specific type of the screen much in the media attention kind. I'm going to the -- we can see if you can. Pictured is little road to a mall where you can feel the different textures and different road surfaces -- -- -- run across the gravel. With a wooden planks and really feel the texture of a road. So creating an attack -- which is beautiful people to. Entertain to -- that was intended excitement. And create new experience for them.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"This technology enables you to feel the objects in a video game and on a tablet. ","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22583393","title":"Now You Can Touch Virtual Objects","url":"/GMA/video/now-touch-virtual-objects-22583393"}