NY Chef Spices Up the 'GMA LIVE' Floor

Ralph Scamardella, corporate executive chef of TAO, shares some samples from a few of his famous restaurants around town.
4:55 | 07/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NY Chef Spices Up the 'GMA LIVE' Floor
The time for the food it is yeah. I've got that I don't think he could not I'm proud to be fair to letting you all -- -- delicious. -- you this man is a star here in New York City. And in particular gap the oh yeah particularly taken away including any city and Las Vegas and joining us -- being Ralph. Do you left things camera still camera. And you don't dentists resentment wolf in this news reporter -- -- don't -- -- and and you brought everything from all the restaurants Atlanta rich thing that we have. We cannot wait to get -- it prepared we haven't in some taste off at the ligaments but wouldn't let -- that -- Sally. Is all Lincoln club it's. Steak and seafood house of its home -- house on -- we to a barbecue Sunday so we do rigs into selling off most warning. That's OK thank you -- absolutely everybody else has one if you -- -- we also know we also have -- over. It's an Italian southern Italian Italian American we have famous for a giant meatball with Kobe. What got them all on believe the slightest doubt that night so you chanting John that he calls obviously -- -- typical -- Depends on who you walk is an -- from the not for the table but yeah. Where yes welcome -- -- everybody don't. How to girl is ever time dissidents -- looks to find -- that's me could make it home. Absolutely because I didn't give that a shot to -- -- we have nominee even as Mexican restaurant that gave Florida with guys Romo and London. Next -- So news and talk cause these famous locally while different sauces I don't recommend that a -- -- dessert yeah. What is what I was a little like a ball to all white chocolate covered over -- -- -- shall we think he should be -- I was -- multiple. Policy should -- that won't return this sounds -- -- the dream hotel OK that's happening. That is a very part of -- -- -- turn into wow and elegant he is inside. Look at I mean -- That again -- knowledgeable everybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Great food great atmosphere great -- London and finally it certainly has done. Something -- didn't -- In some day stuff so we had a towel down which. Fell 58 and dove down dump which is our sixteenth we doing -- so -- Brunch on Sunday at sixtieth street -- downtown we have an on the menu every day we have different selections of himself. So -- solving business try to figure out what it is. Yeah yeah not only is there and Mike linearity surprise yeah nothing weird which he not act this peanuts in one of about one Democrat -- -- If anybody is allergic. Don't have to use you don't think you look at that Ferris and Kelly. All fall below one. Okay so that is -- -- everybody understood about it. Head down -- is something that peanuts -- long enough something delicious that I an excellent. I can slivers and I being home and that the insurance but there -- -- I'm actually all -- -- and -- -- is something shrimp tastes good. -- Yeah. About that -- morally it's a degree and that's that's and I don't know in nineteen that I just it didn't and now. I have the flu like McCulloch -- Accidentally got another kid and internationally. The -- Yes I -- crumbling -- finally unlocked and -- But you're gonna give you a lot of information that you didn't is that young man alive this is a celebrity calories behind the scenes -- -- we are beginning to I really hungry so. Sure that's really don't like us so anything -- -- -- grabbed him in Oklahoma I -- growth outlook the rule is that there is often food on Jimmy live. And if you eat the food you must participate in the show. That's my guest appearance today and I am very happy to be here with -- background and -- -- and think yeah. Look at her son Alex the peanut packs -- -- -- -- vegetables with all the additional casino will be another. I can't hear you know I'm too busy. Yeah thanks rob has had several times -- here at. That's enough for today that's it I'm sorry are you are you madly in -- we please go tried here in New York -- everybody your chart roster restaurants annually and all again please how old lava Arlington -- the marquee. And -- dream downtown and uptown I believe yes. All right Ralph we thank you we thank you right. OK yeah. Please -- ethanol.

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{"id":24484888,"title":"NY Chef Spices Up the 'GMA LIVE' Floor","duration":"4:55","description":"Ralph Scamardella, corporate executive chef of TAO, shares some samples from a few of his famous restaurants around town.","url":"/GMA/video/ny-chef-spices-gma-live-floor-24484888","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}