How the NYC, NJ Bombings Suspect Was Caught

Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, captured after a shootout in Linden, New Jersey, has been charged with five counts of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.
3:05 | 09/20/16

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Transcript for How the NYC, NJ Bombings Suspect Was Caught
Would you say Good Morning America we are learning new details about the suspected bomber mom can't over how many believed to be responsible for those Manhattan and New Jersey explosives. Authorities are now trying to determine if others. We're involved decisive moments unfolded on live TV there you see him being wheeled into an ambulance right their army after a shootout with police. Our New York station WABC TV was here for all of those moments and with little disoriented. There is quite dramatic late morning. And am if you are in the New York area today you likely saw this alert on your phone Monday morning. Millions of people got to set suspect's name and age sent right to their divisive the first time the alert system was used for something like this. It appears that it was quite effective thing we Roebuck is on the scene where the suspect was caught hours. After that alert went out in Linden New Jersey good morning Amy. Good morning Robin yes it all went down right behind me rough Tommy was found sleeping inside a hallway. In that brick building there behind me a concerned citizen called police. They quickly responded never expecting to ultimately find and capture the most wanted man in America. On the Conroe Tommy taken into custody after more than 48 hours of terror sinners. It's true bystanders. Capturing the moment gunfire a robs. As police confront the suspect in Linden New Jersey. It's 5050 Tony sound. They're the guys shoot a guy. Surveillance video shows rough Humi fleeing on foot a police squad car nearly ramming him he makes a run for it gun in hand. He began to engage them and they returned fire and it actually went down the street and is just a miracle that no innocent civilians were hit. Thank god but it took awhile to to capture the suspects. This sweeping manhunt started around 8 AM Monday morning. After authorities pinpointed run Humi as the suspected bomber who planted several bombs in new York and New Jersey. Yeah. That's been brought that it didn't hear that he had. Problems. Well honey stay down began at 10:30 AM when the owner of this local bar spotted a suspicious man sleeping in his doorway. Shortly before that rush Tommy seen on surveillance camera at this local gas station. Responding officers immediately recognize the bearded man as rough Tommy. Then put his gun towards the left side and that's been on presuming the twelfth most. The other thing so Linehan. Officers Angel Padilla and Peter hammer wounded in the shoot that he's my inspiration he what he did it's it's commendable call mom thought of him. Either reform is thought to myself from Tommy shot several times his arm and led bandits the bombs that was very very little room. Ninety minutes after the shoot out began to suspect detained busting university hospital in Newark where he underwent surgery. Right now homily is being held on five point two million dollars bail he is only charged in connection with the shootout that happened yesterday but of course. More charges are expected to be filed in connection with the bombings. And that word is he is not cooperating with police guys even refusing to give his name at this hour back to you.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, captured after a shootout in Linden, New Jersey, has been charged with five counts of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42214559","title":"How the NYC, NJ Bombings Suspect Was Caught","url":"/GMA/video/nyc-nj-bombings-suspect-caught-42214559"}