Jesse Schenker's Sherry-Vinegar Chicken

Owner of NYC's Recette restaurant also prepares his chopped winter vegetable salad.
3:32 | 02/27/13

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Transcript for Jesse Schenker's Sherry-Vinegar Chicken
We are back, now, with one of the hottest, young chefs in the country. Everyone says so. Jesse schenker's new york city restaurant gets rave reviews. It's "the new york times" that says that. It's "new york" magazine that says that. You won "iron chef america." "Gq" magazine. "Details" magazine, calls you one of the best young chefs. Everybody loves you. Sam, thanks for having me. Thank you for being here. Just continuing the trend that "gma" puts the best on the table in front of you. You went from 255 pounds to 200 pounds. Do we have pictures of that? There's a huge difference in you. And you're always around food. And you're always around great food. So, how in the world do you do that? Well, the trick is really -- you don't have to stop eating tasty foods. Just have to go for low-calorie, low-carb, still flavorful food. Chicken breast is a great idea. It's low-calorie. I have a great recipe, with grilled chicken breast. We'll broil it with vegetables. You want to add flavor. When you just look at a chicken breast. It says, I'm not so interesting. You have to spruce it up. You still want we'll make a nice marinade with mustard, sherry vinegar. And you want to add some aromatics. Fresh thyme, garlic we've crushed. And jalapeno. That will work. Definitely. We'll marinade it whole and remove it at the end. It will add the heat and flavor but not make it overly spicy. I would have been afraid to do that. Same with the garlic. We whisk it up here. All this great flavor and nothing is high-fat. And then, we add it over. We can marinate this four to six hours. If you want to overnight, you can. A glass dash or a ziploc? Ziploc is a great idea. As long as it all soaks in. Exactly. You want a nice flavor on the outside. We're going to put it in the oven for 350 degrees for eight to nine minutes. I'm personally afraid to use the oven. I shouldn't be? Put it on broil? Totally on broil. Set a timer. At the same time, we're going to roast some vegetables. You want to think texture. When you're working, you're working the jaw muscles. And it satisfies you in a psychological way. A little olive oil. Nice, hot skillet. And we'll add leafy vegetables that are high in fiber. You can have as much as you I like to double the veg to the protein. If I am having four ounces of protein, eight ounces of veg. Full-flavor. And spinach, celery. It's so good, everybody. Some broccoli. Love brcoli. And we'll cook it all together we can add mushrooms. Right? Is everybody eating? Oh, yes. Everyone says yes. Is everybody eating, yes. We can have the same marinade for the chicken to season it up. That's the finished product. Broccoli on a plate is -- lara, tell everybody we're eating good. How can we do this if we're all eating? Go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Thank you.

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{"id":18607667,"title":"Jesse Schenker's Sherry-Vinegar Chicken","duration":"3:32","description":"Owner of NYC's Recette restaurant also prepares his chopped winter vegetable salad.","url":"/GMA/video/nyc-racette-owner-jesse-schenkers-healthy-sherry-vinegar-18607667","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}