Obama to Commemorate 50th Anniversary of 'I Have a Dream'

The president will make a major address on the anniversary of historic March on Washington.
2:33 | 08/28/13

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Transcript for Obama to Commemorate 50th Anniversary of 'I Have a Dream'
Today is the 50th anniversary of one of the most inspiring moments in american history. The reverend martin luther king's I have a dream speech. On the steps of the lincoln memorial. President obama will mark the occasion with a major address there today. And that is where abc's byron pitts is this morning. Byron, good morning. Another huge crowd expected there today. Reporter: That's right. Good morning, elizabeth. Today is as much about the future as it is remembering the past. According to the white house, president obama has spent part of this week meeting with african-american mayors who have come to down, all to help him shape this historic moment. I have a dream. Reporter: A record 250,000 people watched one of history. Martin luther king dreaming aloud for the nation's 20 million negros. It was called the march on washington. And the very topic of jobs for all americans, aides say president obama will tackle in a speech today. A theme he laid out during a regular interview with tom joyner. Did the ordinary person, day-to-day, can they succeed? And we have not made as much progress as we need to on that. And that is something I spend all of my time thinking about. How do we get opportunity to everybody so if they work hard they can make it in this Reporter: In recent weeks, he met with activists and his own cabinet, concerned noed just the feeling of the speech, but the substance. To the racial implications of the trayvon martin case. In attendance, celebrities like oprah winfrey, and actor forest whitaker. And faces from 50 years ago. Like georgia congressman, john lewis. Black unplace of employment was double-digit in 1963. Black unplace of employment is double-digit today. What do you think when you see the economic realities 50 years after the speech about jobs and poverty? We made progress. But still have a distance to go. Reporter: Is america okay? America is better. It's a better country. And we are a better people. So, when people say there's change, I say come and walk in my shoes. Reporter:50 years ago, president kennedy and most members of congress stayed away from this event, fearing for the political fallout. Today, president obama will be with presidents carter and clinton. Much has changed in the past 50 years. It will be quite a day out there.

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{"id":20090685,"title":"Obama to Commemorate 50th Anniversary of 'I Have a Dream'","duration":"2:33","description":"The president will make a major address on the anniversary of historic March on Washington.","url":"/GMA/video/obama-commemorate-50th-anniversary-dream-20090685","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}