Now Working For Majority of Users: White House

Administration says some 400 software bugs have been fixed and site can handle 50,000 users at a time.
3:00 | 12/02/13

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Transcript for Now Working For Majority of Users: White House
The latest on the owe bah ma obama care website. So much at stake for president obama and millions of americans seeking health insurance. Reporter: The white house is not quite declaring mission accomplished. They've achieved the first goal. Getting the website improved to the point where most people can use it to pick out health insurance. After two months of system crashes and error messages, the house says healthcare.Gov is working for the vast majority of people trying to work it. Some 400 software bugs and hardware problems have been fixed. The website can now handle 50,000 users at a time, 800,000 a day. It's now accessible 90% of the time, up from just 40% in october. The man in charge of the reboot gave his bottom line if a conference call. Healthcare.Gov on december 1st is night and day from where IT WAS ON OCTOBER 1st. For the most part, users can now log in, search for different plans relevant to them. Reporter: But the fixes have not been tested with heavy traffic. The white house is being cautious, delaying a big marketing push. And advising people to visit the site at off-peak times to address delays. The security of the site and the private information does not meet etch the minimal standards of the private sector. That concerns me. Reporter: While it's much easier for people to register on the website, insurance companies say there is a big problem with the last step, actually buying the insurance. The government computer system is having a hard time communicating with the computer systems for the insurance companies. In ord in other words, george, it's not quite fixed. Now to the eye-opening news from am zoon. It could be the future key the avoiding the holiday shopping

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Administration says some 400 software bugs have been fixed and site can handle 50,000 users at a time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21067174","title":" Now Working For Majority of Users: White House","url":"/GMA/video/obamacare-website-fixed-healthcare-now-working-majority-users-21067174"}