Hero Cop Jumps Into Frigid Waters to Rescue Woman

Officer Edward Norton, weighed down by his bullet-proof vest, pulls frantic water to safety.
1:37 | 12/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hero Cop Jumps Into Frigid Waters to Rescue Woman
Good luck with the shopping. We need it. We begin in afghanistan. For the first time ever, a female officer is the one who opened fire. An afghan policewoman shot and killed a u.S. Military adviser just outside the police head quarters in kabul. Vietnamese fishermen rescued a florida man on a disabled He and three others were towing the yacht from the philippines when the tow rope broke. A senator from idaho is apologizing this morning after he was arrested over the weekend for driving drunk. Mike crapo has said previously he does not drink. There's no evidence this morning we don't feel good about the economy. A new abc news/"washington post" poll finds that three-quarters of americans say we're in a recession. Half are optimistic about the new year, but that's the least in a decade. Santa is ready to leave the secret workshop location in the north pole. There are two places two track him online. Norad and for the first time, google. Finally, a police officer is being called a hero this morning after rescuing a drowning woman. He did it under the absolute worst conditions an against all odds. It takes protect and stoerve a whole new level. This cell phone video shows boston police officer edward norton jumping into frigid waters to rescue a drowning woman. He was weighed down by his bullet-proof vest but says, he didn't think twice. I feel like I did what i would expect someone else to do for one of my loved ones. Reporter: The frantic woman was desperately clinging to a raft. She said she fell into the water during a torrential downpour. with a little help from a life preserver thrown to him from shore, he was able to keep her calm and above water until firefighters arrived. She kept saying, I can't hold on, I said, hold on, hold on, hold on. Reporter: Everyone made it out of the water safely. There was one casualty. Officer norton said his wedding ring slipped off when he jumped in. He roe or not, his wife has marching orders for him. Um -- make sure you get a new one. That wouldn't seem like anything good for most men. But for the females, we would love to get one, like half a karat, right? Now to a town in need of

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{"id":18054232,"title":"Hero Cop Jumps Into Frigid Waters to Rescue Woman","duration":"1:37","description":"Officer Edward Norton, weighed down by his bullet-proof vest, pulls frantic water to safety.","url":"/GMA/video/officer-edward-norton-hero-cop-jumps-frigid-waters-18054232","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}