Officer's Rescue of Choking 3-Year-Old Caught on Video

Off-duty cop Quinn Averett is being credited with saving the life of the young child who was choking on a piece of candy.
2:45 | 12/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Officer's Rescue of Choking 3-Year-Old Caught on Video
For "Good morning America," Ryan Owens, ABC news, Dallas. Watch this video. A 3-year-old boy nearly choking to death on a piece of candy as hi mother desperately tries to get him help. There's a happy ending. A police officer arrived just in the nick of time. David right is with us with the story. Reporter: So much talk about police body cameras these past few months. These are the little cameras that police wear on their chests. This amazing scene was captured on one of them. The officer didn't hit the record button. A 3-year-old boy upside down on a police officer's knee and choking to death. You okay? Reporter: Accidentally turns on the officer's body camera as the officer struggles to save him. 911, somewhat the emergency? This is ray calling -- green valley groceries 24, I need an balan ambulance. Yes, what's going on? Reporter: The cashier called 911 after two panicked parents rushed into his store in Nevada with their son. Lady came in with a child. Is he choking? Yes, he's choking. It was just scary. Reporter: Little Damian was Se semiconscious, choking on a candy. Quinn Averitt, an off-duty officer, was a block away when he got the call. I took him from his father. Put him on my knee. Did a reverse Heimlich maneuver. Come on, buddy. You okay? You okay? Reporter: You may not be able to see the jawbreaker pop out. You can hear the relief. Is he breathing? Is he -- he's breathing. Reporter: Days later, at the police station, an emotional reunion. When I saw him, I just started crying. Reporter: Damian's family got to thank the man who saved his life. She cried. I cried a little bit. Reporter: Next month, the police department and city council will honor the officer with a life-saving award. Damian, his brother, and their parents will be there. It was a good ending. Happy ending. That my son is still with me. Reporter: After the police officer stabilized the boy, the paramedics arrived. They determined the boy didn't have to be hospitalized. The police department there only got the body cameras a few weeks ago, like so many other police departments in response to Ferguson. Litted did they know it would capture a scene like this. Just great thinking. What a nice story. Great ending. Thank you, David.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"Off-duty cop Quinn Averett is being credited with saving the life of the young child who was choking on a piece of candy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27760368","title":"Officer's Rescue of Choking 3-Year-Old Caught on Video","url":"/GMA/video/officers-rescue-choking-year-caught-video-27760368"}