Two officers shot in Kissimmee, Florida

Police are investigating the shooting as a possible ambush.
1:55 | 08/19/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Two officers shot in Kissimmee, Florida
We will turn now though to breaking news overnight and it is unhappy news. Two officers shot in Kissimmee, Florida. Yeah, they were responding to a call and according to authorities looked like they were surprised and now authorities are looking into whether they were the intended targets and ABC's janai Norman joins us in studio with the details. Reporter: Good morning. The search not over this morning. Police are still looking for one person and we're learning they are investigating this deadly shooting as a possible police ambush. Overnight, gunfire and blood shed in central Florida. Regional two trauma alerts. Reporter: Police arriving to find two of their own wounded on the ground. Officer Matthew Baxter was shot dead and another officer Sam Howard gravely injured now fighting for his life in the hospital. You heard shots. You heard shots and after that we just seen the cops just rush over here. Reporter: The two Kissimmee officers were on the scene investigating a call for suspicious persons at 927 P.M. Last night just five minutes later the first call to 911 was made. Three suspects now in custody, a fourth is still on the run. You consider what happened to the officers an ambush? It's probably too early at this time but it's leading that way. Reporter: It was a violent night for police across the country. In Jacksonville, Florida, one officer shot in the hands and another in the stomach. Now in critical condition after responding to a shooting. And in western Pennsylvania, two state troopers are expected to survive after being shot late Friday. We are here to protect and serve and, you know, this is getting tough. Reporter: The slain Kissimmee officer leaves behind a family. That tragedy receiving an outpouring of condolences. Including president trump sending a late night tweet saying my thoughts and prayers are with the Kissimmee police and their loved ones. We are with you.

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{"id":49308645,"title":"Two officers shot in Kissimmee, Florida","duration":"1:55","description":"Police are investigating the shooting as a possible ambush.","url":"/GMA/video/officers-shot-kissimmee-florida-49308645","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}