Winter Storm Pounds West Coast, Heads East

Officials at O'Hare Airport are already gearing up for Christmas cancellations as storm approaches.
3:03 | 12/24/12

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Transcript for Winter Storm Pounds West Coast, Heads East
holiday travel. Can we go ahead and get into it? I think so. This delivers snow. Show you how it started. The pictures out of the california sierras. Almost six feet of snow since fri friday. The flooding pictures as well. Sonoma county. San francisco, five inches of rain in the month of december. More than twice they would normally see. This is a wet and rainy time of the year often. But this is a little bit unusual. Here's where the system drags in the tough severe weather over the next couple of days. From houston to dallas. Know that tomorrow, this spreads in. We're a little concerned there might be a tornado outbreak in the heavy red shaded area. 30 tornadoes since we have been KEEPING RECORDS IN THE 1950s Have broken out in that christmas daytime period. We may see the christmas storms as well. This is where the snow will roll here. 5 to 10 inches of snow. Actual la, little rock, I don't remember when little rock had christmas day snow. 1926 was the last time. Now you have seen the boards. This is likely to be a travel trouble. Alex perez is standing by in chicago o'hare. Reporter: The first big wave of holiday travellers got their start over the weekend. The second wave will begin soon. Along with the front of bad weather looking to spoil christmas plans and the next several days for millions. From san francisco to syracuse, many around the country are finding their holiday travel plans ruined. A huge snowstorm on the west coast hit northern california hard, causing hundreds of delays and canceled flights in and out of san francisco. With the average delay lasting over two hours. The high winds and severe conditions have left many drivers in the sierras unable to stay on the road. The roads are pretty bad. There was a loft spinouts. Reporter: Major snow is expected to bring snowfall to oklahoma tonight. Complicating travel for the sooner state three years after santa brought a record-breaking 14 inches of snow on christmas eve, shutting the roadway down for the eving. We have family trying to come up from oklahoma. They turned around and went back. Reporter: Cities like cleveland, detroit, st. Louis, chicago, just in time for one of the busiest travel days of the season, the day after christmas, when tense of millions of americans will be on the move. People in central new york woke up to blajts of snow this morning, jamminging up roadways for hours. And that storm will hit the bid zi northeast corridor by thursday. If you're planning on traveling through there by week's end, be ready for delays. Now to the mad dash to the

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{"id":18054025,"title":"Winter Storm Pounds West Coast, Heads East","duration":"3:03","description":"Officials at O'Hare Airport are already gearing up for Christmas cancellations as storm approaches.","url":"/GMA/video/ohare-airport-gears-cancellations-winter-storm-pounds-west-18054025","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}