Dentist's Patients Tested for HIV, Hepatitis

Officials have started testing thousands of patients possibly exposed to unsanitary conditions.
2:08 | 04/01/13

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Transcript for Dentist's Patients Tested for HIV, Hepatitis
Hear, hear. We turn to the latest on the health crisis out of oklahoma, where officials have started testing thousands of patients for hiv and hepatitis after discovering years of shockingly unsanitary conditions in the dental office of scott harrington. Rob nelson has the story. I feel very nervous. I feel upset. I feel a lot of anger for the situation. I am just hoping for the best. Gn that's all I can do. Reporter: The mix of fear and helplessness that continues to grip the tulsa area with the health of 7,000 residents hanging in the balance. I just remember screaming, what? And -- um -- just saying that can't be possible. Reporter: Disturbingly unsanitary conditions unveiled last week at the office of scott harrington has touched off a public health crisis. Officials today continue screening patients for hepatitis and hiv. If a person gets stuck with a needle that has come out of the vein of a person with hiv disease, the likelihood of contracting hiv is about 0.3%. Not extremely high. Reporter: More than 400 patients screened since saturday. The entire process could last weeks. Harrington faces a laundry list of complaints. Rusty instruments, reused needles, unsterilized equipment. It gives me a strange feeling. It's -- what if? You know, I really don't -- i don't like to think about it. Reporter: There's been no public comment frohe doctor or his lawyer. Hi, there, dr. Harrington? Reporter: A few days ago, he slammed the door in the faces of reporters who showed up at his second home in phoenix. For former patients, a flight flightening waiting game continues. He temporarily surrendered his st month. HEARING IS SET FOR APRIL 19th. There's a possibility he'll face criminal charges. No one expects something ike this from a simple trip to the dentist. To the young woman stranded

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{"id":18852640,"title":"Dentist's Patients Tested for HIV, Hepatitis","duration":"2:08","description":"Officials have started testing thousands of patients possibly exposed to unsanitary conditions.","url":"/GMA/video/oklahoma-dentist-hiv-hepititis-scare-patients-await-test-18852640","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}