Teen Murder Suspects Were 'Bored and Had Nothing to Do'

Oklahoma teenagers allegedly gunned down an Aussie college student in broad daylight.
3:37 | 08/20/13

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Transcript for Teen Murder Suspects Were 'Bored and Had Nothing to Do'
A senseless murder in oklahoma. Three teenagers, the youngest is 15, have been arrested for shooting a college baseball star out for a jog. Abc's alex perez has the shocking details. Reporter: This morning, three oklahoma teenagers, ages 15, 16 and 17, are to be charged with first-degree murder, after investigators say they gunned down a college student in broad daylight. Police say one of the suspects claimed, we were bored and had nothing to do. They witnessed the young man run by on the street. Chose him as a target. Reporter: A random target. Police say 22-year-old christopher lane was jogging in duncan, oklahoma, friday, when the teenage suspects allegedly drove by and opened fire, creating a panic in this tight-knit town. There were some people who saw him stagger across the road, go to a kneeling position and then collapse. Reporter: The police chief describes the teenagers as loose canons on a mission to kill. Authorities say they intended to kill at least one other person, even allegedly posting this cryptic message on social media. Bang. Two drops in two hours. But quick-thinking nearby business owners were able to help police nab the suspects. The star athlete, born in australia, was attending east central university in oklahoma, on a baseball scholarship. This morning, his teammates are devastated. Minutes before the shooting, lane had left his girlfriend, sarah harper's house. On her facebook page, more than 100 pictures of the couple and a touching tribute to lane. She writes, I lover you so much. From 2009 until forever. You will always be mine and in a very special and protected place in my heart. I'm really glad I got the four years with him. Reporter: The couple had just returned from visiting lane's parents back in australia. On the field where lane first played ball, home plate is covered in flowers. He got up for all that. I had a call the next morning. I really lovely couple. Reporter: A young man, they say, in his short life, accomplished more than any parent could ever wish. For "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago. What a heartbreaking story. Let's bring in abc's chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. Heartbreaking and enraging, as well. These kids, 15, 16 and 17. Will they be tried as adults? I don't think there's any question they'll be tried as adults. In oklahoma, someone as young as 13 can be tried as an adult. 15, 16 and 17, and first-degree murder, I don't think there's any question. The authorities don't have all that much to go on expect the accounts of these teenagers. That's right. It's going to be important for them in the context of the investigation to get at least one of them to turn. And they're probably going to want to go for the person less culpab culpable. The person that didn't fire the shot. Assuming that all three didn't fire shots, they'll probably try to get the younger one, if that was the person who didn't shot, to turn on the older ones. And offer some kind of leniency. It's not going to be a great deal in a case like this. But it will be some form of leniency. Remember, death penalty won't be on the table here because the supreme court has ruled that minors can't face the death penalty. So, the prosecutors aren't going to be able to threaten them with the death penalty. But I think you're going to see some sort of offer of a little leniency. No death penalty. But bottom line, they will be tried as adults. I don't think there's any question about that. Thank you so much, dan.

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{"id":20009157,"title":"Teen Murder Suspects Were 'Bored and Had Nothing to Do'","duration":"3:37","description":"Oklahoma teenagers allegedly gunned down an Aussie college student in broad daylight.","url":"/GMA/video/oklahoma-teen-murder-suspects-bored-allegedly-killed-australian-20009157","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}