Oklahoma Tornadoes Devastate Residents

Ginger Zee, Alex Perez track the latest weather news.
7:48 | 06/01/13

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Transcript for Oklahoma Tornadoes Devastate Residents
It's -- that breaking news overnight a lethal tornado outbreak in Oklahoma State already reeling from that rare EF five twister that nearly -- race. The city of more here is what we know at this hour at least five people are dead including a mother. And -- -- 89 people injured. And that mother and child killed while driving on interstate forty trying to escape the storm. The -- of tornadoes hit at the worst time during rush hour. And most of the deaths involved people trapped in their own cars and in some cases their vehicles literally picked up like toys by the storm. Major roadways were shut down an 80000. Customers are currently without power this morning. ABC's meteorologist in museum in tracking the storm straight through the night she is an El Reno Oklahoma -- good morning to you. Good morning Dan this is almost devastation deja Vu an unfortunate situation as we -- all of the ingredients coming together. Again -- yesterday and here it happened parts of this school from the inside. Out it has happened again and it had a very different way this time -- were chasing these storms from a safe place and as I -- the radar my stomach. Turn look at this map the track of these tornadoes a little odd especially the one just south of El Reno the one that did the damage here to this community college. It wobbled back and forth and then -- into the northeast traffic along I forty the second you can see their right along I forty cross is -- 44. Tons and tons of cars on the road at that time and the third just south and east. Way too close to Moore Oklahoma now -- -- not yet over today but look at how far it spread even yesterday more than 240. Severe weather reports. From the UP of Michigan all the way down to Texas. It's. A dramatic rise from Storm Chasers trying to help run one of the Oklahoma tornadoes. Good and yeah. Okay. Vehicles floundering on the road beside them and then it's huge pieces of debris flying into the -- That was one of five reported tornadoes that tore through central Oklahoma. You need to take your tornado precautions immediately. This morning several dead and dozens injured after these raging tornadoes and flash floods jab did an already tender Oklahoma. As the tornadoes -- toward downtown Oklahoma City. Thousands were trapped the highways in perilous gridlock. It Eric Alexander -- of vehicles. -- -- -- We were well ahead of the storm puts all the chaos on the roads -- I like yourself they shut -- highway going north so that people can't get -- Oklahoma City this is a very serious situation to tornadoes in the back to back. Heading downtown. Overnight the relentless rain just poured salt on the wound. -- -- As all of grain -- rescue crews searched for survivors and we made our way tell -- you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Flooding rains held outside -- hours after the. As soon as we arrived debris everywhere the community college crushed. We had a mindset here we have one class of adult classrooms who's going to there -- -- those folks than inflation measures lasers. They're much. And that what an and that's -- fattening and a lot of damage over struggling to stone -- I've been storm chasing for more than a decade since college and got to tell you that the last two weeks have then the most terrifying -- my experience and for a lot of other folks still especially those who live here around Oklahoma City I want to tell you that at least the the threat -- this city is to the southeast it's going to be gone today but that does not the case for the rest of the nation you have to pay attention be on high alert. Watching your local ABC stations in the afternoon and evening. For this area can we go and had to look at that map the severe weather risk today stretches from Western Pennsylvania along that cold front. All the way down to Texas again right there -- -- And Little Rock as well and -- flooding was a huge issue with this and it will be so today we've had more -- that's been plotting the last couple of weeks. Then likely from the severe storms to look at those flood watches and warnings more than 100 rivers already beyond flood stage. Coming up I'll have your nation's weather -- for now back to India. Do you so striking here is do you say that even after all of your experience you have been terrified by what you've been seeing we'll have much more. Coming up this morning -- union normally fearless ginger zee. Meanwhile the odds of your home being hit by -- -- are one in ten million the odds of that happening twice. Astronomical but sadly not impossible this morning the story of a family for more Oklahoma. Who escaped the first tornado only to be chased by another. Our coverage continues realities -- -- Perez in or out good morning. Good morning -- it has been a long frustrating two weeks here and -- Oklahoma there are still. Huge piles of debris scattered all across town from the last tornado and its new storm has simply made matters worse. It's still 1:2 punches central Oklahoma hoped they would escape to deadly tornadoes and less than two weeks. The night. Playing with the anxiety growing authorities are fighting to keep we have to make a decision -- we. Take -- basically everybody else here part of try to get them out -- -- for those in Moore Oklahoma the terror of the devastating may twentieth tornado it's still fresh. Peas as army roof. Came through that window and landed on her bed. December -- family lost their home in the tornadoes nearly two weeks ago and took shelter in an Oklahoma city hotel -- on Friday they found themselves fleeing. Again it. We here's tornado rally leaders for an Alley but he unexpected mean. That often that soon. And that that in the -- -- and their two children piled into the glory and headed for Norman about fifteen minutes so. With the angry -- close behind it it's really amazing to be alive right now I -- Chased by a tornado -- he got nowhere to go here in -- today. We can see -- -- -- premieres. The family took refuge in a church bathroom huddled together as violent winds -- debris all around them. When it finally pass they return to more only to find their home damaged even further. I honestly don't feel safe here like I said it's my home that. I don't feel safe here in -- Several -- were able to save the worst of the storm but for many others no such luck this mania -- That's work together -- got people you know. Rescue workers braved the flooded highways littered with -- and abandoned callers to save the stranded. Paramedic Jim McClung waded through rushing water to carry woman woman to safety from her submerged car. You have to look at her safety her condition -- make sure that. What we're gonna do not injure her anymore. -- us trying to get her back -- months. Officials tell ABC news nearly 300. Callers flooded the -- -- -- the system. In less than six hours of harrowing night for those out reading yet another brutal stolen. And for the men and women who stayed behind to brave the relentless weather. And adding salt in the wounds here this new storm has led to widespread. Flash flooding all across more. Beyond -- right out -- Internet of the flooding has proven to be an especially deadly over the past few weeks.

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