Americans Take Gold in Slopestyle

Sage Kotsenburg awarded medal in the new Olympic event.
3:00 | 02/10/14

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Transcript for Americans Take Gold in Slopestyle
You got it all down. Because they just told me in my ear. Just learned that Julia Mancuso won bronze. She tweeted just before her run. My grandpa is smiling down at me from heaven and saying I can be proud no matter what happens. Love the hash tag, disco time. It's nice to know it's warm somewhere. Almost 60 in sochi. It's causing problems at the ski jump and women's downhill course. It's so warm the skiers are trying to keep cool. Plenty cool, team usa, on the ice. American darling Meryl Davis, Charlie white, getting the highest score ever in ice dancing and so well deserved. Couldn't take my eyes off it. Settling into new team events. A lot of skating all weekend long. And tremendously so. Vladimir Putin was taking things in at the rink. Yulia lipnitskaya doing well. And then toasting at the bars at the olympic venues. Again, hash tag disco time. Let's get right to our "Gma" olympic head quarters in sochi. Amy robach at the olympics desk there. Good morning to you, Amy. Good morning, it's so hot here. I gotta tell you. Not to make you jealous. The games are off to a sizzling start for the Americans. Fwrabing the first gold to sage kotsenburg for the new olympic event, slopestyle, he was not alone for long. A thrilling triumph overnight. Jamie Anderson soaring to victory in slopestyle. Her family and a very special neighbor beaming in the stands. Kind of like my spirit grandma from tahoe, she said I made her cry. This after sage kotsenburg won gold on the same course. The same treacherous course responsible for this heart-stopping moment. The boarder from the Czech Republic hitting the snow so hard, he jacked her helmet. Gracie gold, the first-time olympian wowed the crowd. While Meryl Davis and Charlie white simply dazzling. Team usa clinching the bronze in team figure skating, a new event. No match for Russia. 15-year-old yul airia lipnitskaya. And the first openly gay athlete to medal in sochi. Overnight, learning that Putin congratulated her at a nearby bar where she told Dutch TV she got a cuddle from him. Usa's bode miller with a disappointing eighth place run. And in skiathalon finished in 35th place. He earned himself the top spot on team usa. Now to the latest news. They are the hottest things on ice right now. The U.S. Women's hockey team. They won over Finland. The goals are piling up in the face-off against Switzerland. The score is already 8-0, starting the third period. This may be too cool. The all-out war in curling. It's not just for medals, it's for fashion. Norway curlers have a sense of humor and a sense of style, or lack thereof. First stripes. Now florals. Russia has entered the fancy pants competition. We'll have to see if Norway responds when they compete later today against the United States. I'm not sure they can do that. Did she really say that? How exciting she made pants. Thank you, Amy. You have the scoreboard. I do. An illustrious weekend for the Americans. Not so for the touch screen today. A work in progress. Third full day of competition in the books. Norway, atop an early lead again in the total medal count with seven. But with the U.S. With Mancuso's bronze today, moves up to second with five overall. And the two slopestyle gold. Let's look at the supercombined star. Mancuso grabs the bronze again. She's a downhill specialist. He had a huge lead going into the slalom, which she barely trains for. It's got be nice to be an

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{"id":22439784,"title":"Americans Take Gold in Slopestyle","duration":"3:00","description":"Sage Kotsenburg awarded medal in the new Olympic event.","url":"/GMA/video/olympic-medal-count-2014-americans-gold-slopestyle-22439784","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}