Online Black Friday sales increase 15 percent from 2016

Web retailers such as Amazon reported sales increases as large as 50 percent.
2:07 | 11/25/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Online Black Friday sales increase 15 percent from 2016
How big has the shopping season and so far. And what are some the big deals that are still coming up let's survey the landscape of our resident holiday shopping maestro ABC's Becky Worley was in San Francisco. Vickie good morning what's. And the numbers are up way up as aerial just mentioned. And according to Adobe over three billion dollars spent online as of 8 PM eastern on Black Friday. That's 15%. Growth from 2016. As Black Friday online. Amazon also reporting growth sales 50% higher on Thanksgiving 2017. Compared to 2060. And that is a monster bomb. It is a big bump OK so Becky what about the hot products are there any that really caught your eye. I looked up the top seller reports Paula from eating Amazon a few independent sites that track these sales online. Streaming TV device is being Amazon fire stake Google Chrome cast. Last year's gaming console specifically the Xbox has been discounted to about a 189 dollars an hour that they hit. And as aerial mentioned we expected home voice assistants like the echo from Amazon and Google to be popular. But I was really surprised. To see them selling out on some of the biggest web sites online. So you've got a huge talk about web sites we've got Cyber Monday coming up soon does that mean now is not a good time to shop online because retailers. Maybe holding back their best deals for for Monday. Well the door buster prices of Thanksgiving and in some things as Black Friday are definitely done. But the last chance for deals on Cyber Monday that motivates the procrastinators and keeping the volume of shopping is slowing down hold on to your credit card guys. Amazon has deals live over the whole weekend and get this. Last year Cyber Monday Amazon customers ordered more than 64 million items in record breaking 740. Items per second. While we even broken down to the second. That any quick leaves no stone unturned and speaking of Becky we're going to get back to you and our next half hour.

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"Web retailers such as Amazon reported sales increases as large as 50 percent. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51376639","title":"Online Black Friday sales increase 15 percent from 2016","url":"/GMA/video/online-black-friday-sales-increase-15-percent-2016-51376639"}