Oprah Winfrey Goes Behind the Scenes of 'The Color Purple'

Winfrey takes "GMA" viewers backstage at the hit Broadway musical.
2:56 | 12/17/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oprah Winfrey Goes Behind the Scenes of 'The Color Purple'
Coming up "The color purple" is back on Broadway with a powerhouse cast led by Jennifer Hudson in her Broadway debut. It is being produced by Oprah who won an Oscar none nation for the movie version and took Sara Haines behind the scenes of the new show. Reporter: It's been 30 years since "The color purple" was first released. Steven spielbergary movie based on the pulitzer prize-winning novel was a hit. Oprah Winfrey's portrayal of the strong-willed Sofia won her an Oscar nomination. Now one of the producers in "The color purple" musical. How are you feeling seeing it. I feel a great sense of pride and I think this new rendition of it is more modernized and still feels so connected and inspirational. Reporter: Jennifer Hudson is making her Broadway debut. ? Reporter: Hudson is taking on the role of sultry -- What happened is we were thinking who has that thing that surge Avery has. Scott said what do you think of Jennifer Hudson and I said, yes. Reporter: Another Broadway newcomer is Cynthia areef very who reprises her role of celie from the London Broadway production and the part of Sofia is being played by "Orange is the new black"'s Danielle brooks. Damn was playing Sofia which is the role you originated in the movie and were nominated for an Oscar. How do you think she did? Well, I thought she was fantastic. I think it's hard to do it when somebody is in the audience who has also done it before but obviously I can't sing. That someone is Oprah. Let us not forget that point. Whoo! Beautiful. Oh, my. How did you get that wig over that -- how did you do that? Hey. Hey, baby. How is it different, though, than a big, you know, stadium performance singing belting out? You're telling the story. You know, it's not Jennifer singing. You know what I mean so it's like you're telling the story. How does it feel like to be part of such a legacy? Well, for me, an amazing dream come true for me. It's nothing I could ever have dreamed off. And just I'm on cloud 500 and every night being in this room with the audience really living my dream with a story that made me want to become an actor. Well, here's to a long run. Here's to a long run. ? "The color purple." Sing, Oprah. For "Good morning America," Sara Haines, ABC news, New York. Cannot wait to see that. You can see Oprah's special. Oprah goes to Broadway, "The color purple" on own this Saturday.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Winfrey takes \"GMA\" viewers backstage at the hit Broadway musical.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35818321","title":"Oprah Winfrey Goes Behind the Scenes of 'The Color Purple' ","url":"/GMA/video/oprah-winfrey-scenes-color-purple-35818321"}