Optimistic Apparel Raises Money for Charity

Bert Jacobs and Steve Gross discuss their company and their charitable endeavor.
4:56 | 07/30/13

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Transcript for Optimistic Apparel Raises Money for Charity
-- apparel you've seen -- optimistic messages. Is all we need enjoy the ride to. -- All everything's curry he -- arts. We have a great company life is -- and the company applying its universal message to children. In need. Boy who reach for the critics raising almost ten million dollars donating. 10%. Of its net profits. To the cause people life is good Kids Foundation and this is -- let's head on over because we're joined today. By the chief executive -- Still I I don't think I like you're sharing -- Good not and not just as he gets you know you've had to -- that I have I love boy isn't that what. You got that both got -- -- right hook yet we do this spring from what me worry you can. You wake up when I am. My younger brother and I were on a road trip and we got in conversation about how the media with you guys as an exception. Always focuses on what's wrong with the world rather what's right. So the basic idea was very simple let's see if we can sell something and that. Celebrates what's right with the world and -- got -- it worked. And how. It's worked so you until we mentioned 10% of the net of the net profits this has real money it's not a blind item it's not -- some. Budget we'll know a hocus pocus 10% of the profits going to the to that the charitable foundation life as judge. Well who's benefiting and and how can we get involved OK so life is good play makers. Steve gross could elaborate on a little bit. You know -- the -- is all about making sure that all kids grow up feeling safe feeling loved and feeling joyful. That's when we get kids to grow up that way -- live -- their life wide open and they see the world in terms of opportunity. And for too many kids this too many obstacles to -- so because of poverty and violence illness they end up closing down. And so the role -- -- there professionals men and women every day get up and salmon and make kids like that. He didn't even get involved in so many different ways if you go to like his good dot com. There's a million ways to get involved you can volunteer. We have events like the like as good music festival have Jack Johnson this year we'll have Holland notes and its 30000 people get together. And raise money for kids who really need it. But it's not like a painful process -- out there enjoy live music cabinet cold -- -- family friendly you bring your kids we have -- -- -- all these other kids -- So live like these yeah I am now living the wrong life hello yeah come on over to the brightest -- wrong life yeah. This city has and you had been gave him a -- optimistic outlook on life founded know what you mean by arguing -- I love my -- -- and I love it. And why I'm on the NBA leading example or model -- even imagine there might be. How much so Broken -- can volunteer they can buy tickets to the show picking up little fundraisers that home if your kids having a birthday party. We'll support that in some way try to rent is at highest selling junk guilt toy or something you could make a five or ten dollar donation to kids that really need it. We'll facilitating that and so -- a backyard barbecue having people from Monday Night Football. We can facilitate a little something there and be with you let that party one way or another and then together you can teach those kids that. Maybe there are other kids that aren't as lucky as they are instead of just -- of football game or barbecue will help I can is that. CNN and I just you know anything we can -- kids in the audience today there are most precious resource -- they are they are our hope they are future and we got to make plays we -- because there is good for them because they're awesome thank you so much you. You have two ways to -- now that we did play we -- we -- -- -- and the bodies. Atlanta these -- But I think if you. Boston yankees got a generational -- Along that's what -- there's a frisbee -- -- -- -- and they look like what and why is there is stuff you have to fly Uga has happened. How would you. What color you once we don't -- why let me ask you have a problem. -- -- -- -- Apparently Sammy yeah well earlier -- With that. -- before we lose a lot of equipment. Four while we do we want to thank you for -- thank you studio audience you guys are great and. And we will see you guys 9 AM eastern daylight until then -- tomorrow.

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{"id":19816112,"title":"Optimistic Apparel Raises Money for Charity ","duration":"4:56","description":"Bert Jacobs and Steve Gross discuss their company and their charitable endeavor.","url":"/GMA/video/optimistic-apparel-raises-money-charity-19816112","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}