What Does 'Orange Is the New Black' Star Yael Stone's Voice Really Sound Like?

Yael Stone reveals how she came up with 'That Accent' that has everyone obsessed!
11:22 | 06/26/14

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Transcript for What Does 'Orange Is the New Black' Star Yael Stone's Voice Really Sound Like?
Did do my job -- She and that means it isn't listening and Rosa you know what she did. Should bring me -- but he called the accident happened at the end of that -- Maybe you do that when he comes it's definitely. -- -- -- -- Up in -- maybe you could just bring me an empty bottle that I think he into like acutely than in right. Are you get on -- escort him back and give back. Thanks thank you. Thank you some night. Yes hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn will we tell you what's happening and what's happened in the culture and the -- there's enough and -- in my car just them back if you haven't changed watched season to then there's something wrong with the you know. Anyway it aren't just the new black has so many amazing women and my favorite of the amazing women on the show is is -- -- stone. Who plays Warner. And I don't even want to say too much because she's actually here and she can explain my obsession and my obsession with you in your tax. So -- well. Well thank Houston Phoenix it's to be here I don't thing I can explain in the obsession and -- if you're -- go to and confidence -- you're all it can't be on the show and not be accessed. Islands it's actually in we've been doing a lot of talking about the -- recently because people. Have a lot of questions and and find it really easy to talk about this this crazy thing because I do it I -- -- -- -- -- little obsessed. And we're hearing your voice and so we have to go through that and it's not this combination of Boston Brooklyn that we year. And -- -- speaks no it's not so where is this I hear you pretend to be from Austria. I do I I found that you know a lot of Australian just beginning lack. And -- and really good idea would be to just pretend to be a -- in. Kind of coming through the back -- but actually you -- -- -- -- -- -- now lies with the year. This is not -- its -- it's it's not I take great giants strange noise. I think senator arrived. At definitely you know for the -- process for the -- I was kind of violence in the journal. Making strange there -- as fund and a voice in this it's not keep her really be pinned down in for some people that's upsetting and but I find that you know -- is this incredibly unique character -- -- this incredibly unique sound. And something about it this really well it's it's a new character in this and talking man is waiting that seemed. -- wouldn't likely even from the went. -- -- you know like this is a woman in prison she's planning and -- like it's happening next week to Christopher -- -- -- I think you can -- people name their sons. It's. Well I'm not hate that I am getting about Chris people I mean it's it's kind of extraordinary people in writing to -- -- -- there I'll get in I'll get a -- tell me Larry is and I'll find you don't even know your care to morale is kind of the race. He hasn't done anything Steve -- -- Riley can play it's Christina. Incident in volume and and and Christopher. By all accounts is Justin Spring sky -- living his life. -- DA but I get a lot of supply because we all -- You don't want anyone to be me I mean. It. But when you come in and you're doing this you don't really know the back story of war so you're just being told she. Wants to get married and she's still got -- And she's still going to do this and then we find out other things about. You know that. Really early on. We're deeds they tell you what. Was really her back story I read that in the script in the teeth and -- -- win. -- week before week's corporate IE you've got -- like not lied and said -- when you rat. I think I think. And I also think it did well and like this is a great exercise that I felt like each other I have to like come out to -- -- Africa -- events for anything area. But we've watched you in season one and -- -- all things you know she's gotten together. I don't know why she's even in this prison -- you really -- what I felt like. Lately you drive that its troops he has -- -- did you responsibility. Yet -- piper -- say. Well now where they -- world you know. I think that there was something ended there I always had a question. I mean we you have to halfway through season one -- says he's now the common visited -- Community we need to wake -- And that's pretty strong. Also there is some paying. A little unhinged. Even even if you just look at -- hair and makeup that kindness like. Survival techniques so you ask for one on the survival techniques to be had been while kindness and if people know me I always felt that there was some. Separation between reality and from Tennessee alone but it was a -- Amazing clicking and -- and that she had and then it was. Something about being chipper everything's okay only sign no -- son Justin present okay. That's something we'll learn -- unhinged in you know. At constant. -- -- -- everything. So I think that there was something meant that the -- is also picked up on and they. -- -- it and exploded it and so I wasn't I wasn't. Totally shocked I was I was rocked what. Kind of research did you do did you get -- to prison and see what it was like. I think and we know is the -- and -- I did try. It isn't very quick. The space of time between getting the -- And spotting on the -- like a week that's nice and so I didn't get into prison and it was -- I did -- And I was flatly refuse to understand. But I -- huge -- But now. Refused. A key but. I think of but the -- of those conversations that understanding. We just of the recent -- when a true friendship with some insisting you know what -- done some terrible things of the -- That's that's -- ridiculous. If you very idea yet and you know I think you mentioned in -- hacked sites and so it's a joy to work for depends. Professionally and certainly. That -- Hudson who can say hey. Parents and things. An -- so beautifully passed some place else beautifully. Every scene with an -- me feel and a great read. The little girl. Austria -- rolling up deciding this is what you're going to be you're going to be an actor. When it. It did I resisted that -- And even resisted it so it had to be victories yes yes and actually working. Y times due to be -- so I I did a film called me myself I would expect. To pass. -- -- -- And so I played -- and that happened quite by accident you know and his silly stories I went to an -- with a friend I ended up getting it done and it. Little girl I wanna be in movie exactly and and I loved it it was -- and it was the -- without a school and -- it was it was delightful. And in did you know sneeze and indeed incredible. Miniseries called with an amazing direct to -- -- what he. -- and these opportunities kept coming and at -- point I have an agent or anything. I was literally just like signing contracts was spent a lot of it. And those of the -- kept coming -- I was I was working at school you know went out there is trying to end and and then I got -- which is training situation -- yet. And because I got -- I went. I could act could have gone one way or the other and something in me kept chasing pack even. He's conscious outside brain was sort of like -- -- in this is not a sensible idea it's not a good idea this is not a real job. But it's -- -- like -- changing kept insisting itself. And you know right until life decided to tend to the states I was still -- of in tin mines and -- -- -- And honorable seated on. What you know you don't know this but on this show we always -- -- well we always. And your brother is a means of rocks my sister is -- both of them so you. Is there must be the most musical parts. Not all -- -- this. You economy because of my singing. Everybody's. Doesn't matter who it is. They come on and they give me a little bit of -- -- -- -- -- that means something that. Some now I looked at. If I'm looking at one here. Almost. I mean it appeared that. Or I keep them from. Always in love when you're Regina spektr's song only tea. I had -- -- HK but I'm not gonna put anything had I want you to come up with us. Something for West Side Story. My goodness I am I some stating that -- -- it is a little bit like. Like Adelaide. From -- and -- because she's so obsessed with getting -- -- song you know that we inspect. Stanton can develop a call I think that's kind of learned things -- When you get on the train tonight and -- you can hear Richard spouse time. The compartment is air condition. And the -- samaritan. And you get off the Saratoga. -- -- -- and development all. That it should be credits that that develops that call -- If I left that -- keystone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ultimately I don't. Think -- in.

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{"id":24323470,"title":"What Does 'Orange Is the New Black' Star Yael Stone's Voice Really Sound Like?","duration":"11:22","description":"Yael Stone reveals how she came up with 'That Accent' that has everyone obsessed! ","url":"/GMA/video/orange-black-jailbird-bubbly-voice-24323470","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}