Original cast of 'Twin Peaks' on secrecy of remake

Kyle MacLachlan, Kimmy Robertson and Dana Ashbrook discuss "Twin Peaks" with Jim Belushi, who is starring in the highly anticipated remake.
4:41 | 05/17/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Original cast of 'Twin Peaks' on secrecy of remake
Wait for the tea. Damn good coffee. And hot. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You think cooper loves coffee. This is, excuse me, a damn fine cup of coffee. Remember that? The original "Twin peaks." Cult classic. Began back in 1990 and so happy to say it is back with a huge reboot and we have three of the original cast members here. Kyle Maclachlan, kimmy Robertson, Dana Ashbrook and a newcomer, Jimmy belushi is with us. Welcome to all of you guys. Really, I know. How are you? We are great. We're see great. You might notice we come bearing gifts. I see decorated with cherry pie. Cherry pie, coffee. Why is the coffee so far away from me? I'm happy to serve it. We're trying to bribe you. I know the show is so top secret. We figure this might help us find out something. You're the only person who has read the script. It's not as hot as what you described earlier. Okay. Well, yeah, I actually -- none of us have actually seen any footage. Only a few select have seen it although we did tattoo the entire story on Jim belushi's body. Reveal. Nobody's seen it. I think there were eight executives -- Only eight executives. And trump. But he did not reveal anything to the Russian ambassador. Keeping it a secret. So no spoiler alerts. No, he kept his mouth shut. He knows David lynch. And the thing about you, Jim, you're so great at ad-libbing and just coming up with your own lines at times. Did you get in trouble for ad-libbing on the set. You know, I did it once. There was a little party scene. Oh, my god -- should I have not said that? Done. There's a party scene and it was kind of hectic and in the middle of the noise I threw out a line and -- They shut down production. They didn't but it caught then Dave on his little megaphone said Mr. Belushi. I said, yes, sir. He said, do I need to bring you to the principal's office? I said, no, sir. Understood. Understood. Kimmy, how did it feel for you, kimmy, to be back on that set 27 years later? 27 -- it's so long. That's a lot of -- that's a long time. A lot of years. Did it feel like a long time? Did it feel -- Yes, it felt like about 80 years. I'm not sure if that's a good -- You're not supposed to say that. You're supposed to say it's like to time passed at all. You look the same. It was amazing. Amazing. I can't believe it's been 27 years and, Dana, you have -- I'm sure you have a lot of crazy fan encounters. What is the crazest you had with "Twin peaks" fans. They're used to back when the show was on the first time there was a lot more crazy stuff going on but, you know, they always want me to do stuff to my character in the show, most of the time. They want me to like barf or barking or, you know, do the cool things David had me do, snap my fingers and stu like that. Writing on top of the car. Surfing on top of the car was one of my favorite things. It was a good time. Good time. Yeah. Us too. We have a super fan in the audience, Rebecca, super fan, you have a question? I'm so excited right now. Will the new season pick up where season two left off? Good question. Whoa. Who wants to handle that? Well, we can't really reveal where it all starts or where it ends. Maybe, maybe. So they cannot tell you anything. Yeah. Jim wants to tell you. I can tell. He's sitting right there. Wants to spit it out. We got to muzzle him because it could get out of control. Mr. Lynch will call you back to the office. Back here, yeah. So really it's just up to you, I guess, to watch and enjoy. It does take place 25 years later. It is in the future. Where it starts, we can't really say. We're happy it's back, first of all. Thanks, And that you're here to talk about it. Absolutely. Thank you, guys. Enjoy the cherry pie, everybody. "Twin peaks" will be premiering this Sunday on showtime. So happy to say that.

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{"id":47452190,"title":"Original cast of 'Twin Peaks' on secrecy of remake ","duration":"4:41","description":"Kyle MacLachlan, Kimmy Robertson and Dana Ashbrook discuss \"Twin Peaks\" with Jim Belushi, who is starring in the highly anticipated remake. ","url":"/GMA/video/original-cast-twin-peaks-secrecy-remake-47452190","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}