Oscar Nominations: 'Gravity,' 'American Hustle' Lead Way

A look at all the films that scored a coveted Academy Award nomination.
3:00 | 01/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar Nominations: 'Gravity,' 'American Hustle' Lead Way
Oscar nominations revealed this morning ABC's Chris -- Has been tracking it -- good morning Chris. Some big surprises some unexpected -- and a whole lot about combat pay and several films snatching a fistful of nominations as the race for Oscar now begins. We are pleased to announce that the films selected as the best picture nominees 2000 -- saw. American -- No surprise the party designed for American -- with ten nominations including best supporting actress Jennifer Lawrence best actress Amy Adams best supporting actor Bradley Cooper best actor Christian Bale and of course best picture. -- bring them and then this house and take all the nutrition -- -- -- -- house on fire. Thank -- for me. Another best picture nominee twelve years the slave 19 Oscar nods in all including best supporting -- -- -- and young ago. Best supporting actor Michael Fassbinder and best actor chew it tell it you for. What America. -- Soaring into the stratosphere with ten nominations gravity for best picture director and much anticipated nomination for best actress to -- dribble. Mission -- right now the best actor category is loaded with talent and you know and picnic you'll probably -- very. -- Matthew McConaughey spoke with -- just after hearing about his first ever Oscar nomination for Dallas buyers club. After they'll -- what good will. You know for myself but this movie fact that. -- -- so many years to get him a hero for the underdogs didn't and now we were declared -- we've been able to share eight. You know. It's really affect a lot of people who film. Rod -- and the last thing -- -- Carol. Not to be outdone 77 year old Brewster and for Nebraska which received six nominations including best director for Alexander paint VI any kind of -- might -- the bureau of its history. Also making the list for best picture wolf of Wall Street including Leonardo DiCaprio for best actor and Jonah Hill for best supporting actor. And Merrill Streep -- Julie Roberts both when he auditioned for their roles in August Osage county. Do you see your age -- Barbara be quiet now mom please this is important. -- fish eat the fish eat your fish eat your kids. All right surprisingly passed over in today's nominations Oprah Winfrey and Emma Thompson my guess is only -- for so many. We'll find out who wins on March 2 but for now let the race is -- --

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{"id":21556102,"title":"Oscar Nominations: 'Gravity,' 'American Hustle' Lead Way","duration":"3:00","description":"A look at all the films that scored a coveted Academy Award nomination.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-nominations-2014-gravity-american-hustle-lead-21556102","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}