Oscar Pistorius Murder Case: Bail Granted

The Olympic runner will not have to stay in jail while he awaits trial for murder.
4:18 | 02/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar Pistorius Murder Case: Bail Granted
Let's get right to some breaking news. An Olympic sprinter Oscar the stories just granted bail in South Africa and audible yes from his supporters in court. His father reaching forward to touch his -- back and the judge spoke for over two hours before ruling. ABC's -- -- is tracking all the very latest positive morning. Good morning Amy Oscar for stories just broke down in tears when the judge announced just moments ago. That he has been granted bail that he will be allowed to go home. His family shouted for joy they split up they were huddled together. And hugging each other for several minutes after the magistrate said today that this is not a matter of whether he's guilty. But at this time in a matter of whether he has the right to have bail. Until he stands trial the magistrate said that there were a couple of main factors -- considered in his decision. And those -- weather historians as a flight risk. And whether the story it is -- danger to anyone else in the if he's allowed to help free the magistrate -- that the prosecution was not able to -- bats and -- at this moment. Oscar historian he's in the courtroom he is listening now to -- conditions of bail that have been set. A few of those conditions that have come down so far -- that he will not be allowed to have guns. And that while he will be able to stay with family members he will not be able to go back to his own home. The home where -- shooting incident occurred with his girlfriend although it's unlikely. That he would choose to go back to that home at this point anyway. Oscar the -- -- is expected to post bail later today he'll have to pay more than a 100000 dollars and then again he's expected to stay with family. George. Okay thanks Bosnia -- those breaking details right now let's bring in Jimmy legal analyst and it was pretty extraordinary. Morning here in South Africa the judge focused -- -- for for a couple of hours. Finally granted. The bail -- -- -- pretty high standard to be met here there had to be exceptional reasons to grant this -- That's right we we have talked about -- -- the judge was going to still apply that very tough standard to the defense basically saying. You have to prove to us why you -- -- be released. But then in the end when the judge ruled. It seems that. The ruling was simply based on the fact that he wasn't a flight risk and it wasn't gonna be a danger to the community which -- kind of standard bail conditions. So it seems what the judge did is. Said here's the top legal standard and that. Actually didn't apply that tough -- legal. -- so much discussion but among both the prosecution and the defense about. Destroys his disability and -- that and whether that meant he was a flight risk -- not. Yes and that didn't come up too much in the course of the judges very very long and believe -- ruling it seems very clear. This judge wanted to cover his bases. He wanted to have responses. To anyone who's gonna criticize -- we talked about public outrage he talked about all the arguments that the prosecution made here. Gave validity to some of them criticized others so he little history lesson -- also -- long history lesson but he knows that the world is watching. And as a result -- to make sure that he had been very clear about. Understanding the legal standard understanding the -- I'm not the Trier of fact. I'm not the one who's gonna determine where this case has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt etc. But -- -- a huge victory. For the stories let's be clear. When you -- charge of premeditated murder you are generally held without bail the fact that he is being released. And -- this six month may be a month may -- one year. Period he's a really big win for him particularly if the defense is gonna end up being the should be a much lesser crimes. Something like negligent homicide. Where you're talking about a relatively. Short sentence says seems like a sign that the prosecution's case was not as strong. It appeared in those first hours there's no question but it didn't judge didn't want to say that but that's the reality the reality is the prosecution's case he's not as strong. As when this bail hearing started. And that's going to be a problem not just for the bail hearing but when this case goes to try pulled their names thanks very much.

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{"id":18566405,"title":"Oscar Pistorius Murder Case: Bail Granted","duration":"4:18","description":"The Olympic runner will not have to stay in jail while he awaits trial for murder.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-pistorius-murder-case-bail-granted-18566405","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}