Kidman Character's Family Life a Stark Contrast from Her Own

Oscar-winning actress discusses her role in the "stylized fairy tale thriller," "Stoker."
3:14 | 02/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kidman Character's Family Life a Stark Contrast from Her Own
Josh, back to you. That was remarkable television. Nicole kidman as a new movie called "joker" coming out friday. She plays a recently widowed mother, whose relationships border on the dysfunctional. As I found out when I sat down, her art does not imitate her life. She is an international movie star, who married country music's keith urban. And moved to nashville to start a family. She brings them all to her interviews. India, stay hello to your uncle charlie. Reporter: In her 44th film, there's drama, a stylized horror thriller. She plays evy, an unstable mother of a family in crisis, in a small, rustic town. Some films, you're churning things up. And then, there's sheer entertainment. Reporter: Where did evy and "stoker" come in that? It's in the format of a scary movie. Reporter: Kidman can now pick and choose her films. Take her time. But can she slow down, as mother of two girls and wife of a country superstar. I guess it's helped that we shot this in nashville. Is that fair to say? I can't do the movie because my family is my priority. And I have two little girls. So, I couldn't be away. And they said, well, if we came to nashville, do you think you could do it then? And I said, yes. And it was through the film. It gives me incredible peace of mind because it's not my industry. I'm in on my husband's industry, which is great, because he's able to work and do everything he needs to do. But it's just very -- it's still got, yeah, a strong artistic vibe to it. He's got a tv show. And got a tour coming up. He's sitting over there now. We're not going to film him. Reporter: Keith and daughter, sunday, sat just off camera. Clearly, this family is inseparable. Feel free to shout from the rafters. Love you, baby. Reporter: How do you two balance it? Like this. We come to each other's interviews. And we're -- honestly, this is being done, you know, some time when normally it's family time. So, here's my family. And that's kind of how I do it. Reporter: How has this impacted, not just the choices that you make, b the artist At times, it's made me miss out on things, which is fine because I'm going to be, I hope, please, god, I'm going to be, in MY 80s AND HAVE MY GRANDCHILDREN And my husband. And that's going to all be there and intact. And any other thing that comes into that is icing on the cake. But that's what I'm committed to.

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{"id":18607349,"title":"Kidman Character's Family Life a Stark Contrast from Her Own","duration":"3:14","description":"Oscar-winning actress discusses her role in the \"stylized fairy tale thriller,\" \"Stoker.\"","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-winner-nicole-kidman-characters-family-life-stark-18607349","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}