Seth MacFarlane Brings 'Boobs' to Oscars

Oscars host sings "We Saw Your Boobs" to actresses at the Academy Awards.
1:12 | 02/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Seth MacFarlane Brings 'Boobs' to Oscars
Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is well known for his raunchy brand of humor and while he may not have been the most likely person to take the reins at this year's Academy Awards. The end result was laughter here's what happened when he hit the stage. Half the way we -- -- -- and rolled back. Halley -- we saw them in monster's ball. Nicole Kidman eyes wide shut Marissa Tomei in the wrestler but what happens -- Jennifer Lawrence -- foods at all recently approved. In the rivalry about which always -- -- -- Jessica Chastain we saw your -- -- all of us noted fossil rim revealed few. Hillary's -- and Boys Don't Cry about of the group. Vanilla sky -- -- let's then heavenly creatures and food and Hamlet and Titanic and iris and reader and whatever -- right now we saw your room. Ladies and gentlemen the game and scored a total offense. Okay.

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{"duration":"1:12","description":"Oscars host sings \"We Saw Your Boobs\" to actresses at the Academy Awards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18585580","title":"Seth MacFarlane Brings 'Boobs' to Oscars","url":"/GMA/video/oscars-2013-seth-macfarlane-brings-boobs-oscars-18585580"}