Never-Before-Seen Outtakes of Robin Williams in 'Aladdin'

The cast from Disney's "Aladdin" is celebrating the release of the 1992 classic on Blu-ray Disc, with new bonus outtakes from Robin Williams as Genie and more.
5:13 | 10/09/15

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Transcript for Never-Before-Seen Outtakes of Robin Williams in 'Aladdin'
Tweet her @drjashton. Almost 25 years since "Aladdin" opened up a whole new world to so many fans. Now a whole new version released on DVD with robin Williams tapes that have never been seen before. Take a look. ? A whole new world ? ? don't you dare close your eyes ? Reporter: That unforgettable Oscar winning song. ? Let me share this whole new world with you ? Reporter: And the unmistakable voice of robin Williams in "Aladdin." ? Heard your princess was a sight lovely to see ? Reporter: The 1992 Disney classic changed the landscape of motion picture animation forever. 10,000 years will give you such a crick in the neck. Reporter: Now for the first time we're getting an exclusive look. Hey, go get him you little crazy guy. Reporter: At never before seen clips. Come on, kid, see, got to get the snake. He's waiting for you. Reporter: Of the movie's legendary star -- Luke, the force, the force. Reporter: In the recording booth voicing everyone's favorite genie. Na, Na, Na. Reporter: The iconic character brought to life by animator Eric Goldberg. In addition to being funny he was such a warm person. Good relationship between he and aladdin was genuine. Be yourself. Bigger than life. Reporter: New outtakes. Unusual use of reptile. Reporter: His lost characters that didn't make the film. Champ, what do you think? I think he has to be able to come in there and go against the magic. Reporter: Now a new generation can celebrate the charming and timeless comedic genius. Can we call you Al or maybe just din. Reporter: Of the beloved actor. Keep your hands and arms inside the carpet. We're out of here. It is so great to see robin Williams. We're excited to have Ron clements and John musker, Alan mention kenge, Scott wooeng, brad Kane and Linda Larkin and lea salonga and Jonathan Freeman to portray jaafar. Welcome to all of you. So great to see all of you. Alan, let me begin with you. Just tell us about working with robin Williams. We see him in action again. Oh, it was amazing working with robin. Absolutely incredible. Yeah, we wrote the part with robin in mind. We didn't know if he would do it and fortunately for us he did. You didn't know he would do it. No, we were probably walking down the plank. If he said no, we were in big trouble because the whole concept was based around robin. No one else could be the genie and fortunately he agreed to do it and he did -- he worked so hard, we recorded him in four-hour sessions. He would be going four hours straight. Red flag for liver disease, if you notice thisdelay, you want to get seen by your doctor. I remember way back when my dad, it was hepatitis. That was it. So the red discoloration. We're not sure but people with reddish discoloration, typical in this in skinned person. You see that a lot. Rosacea can here with broken capillaries triggers by alcohol, coffee, stress, extreme temperatures, a lot of treatments for this. Ranging from topical vase so constrictors that constrict that redness and blood vessels to low dose antibiotics. This is more of an embarrassing issue but can lead to disfigurement of the nose if not treated. So you should be contacting your doctor if you see some of these. Absolutely. Discolorations and things like that. Be on a little street rat and Arabian princess. Okay, jasmine, I do love you but I got to stop pretending to be something I'm not. I have the best line in the movie. I get to say, it's all so magical. That is the best line in the movie and you guys have the best song. Yeah. In the movie, as well. Is there any count to how many have done their first wedding dance to "Whole new world quote. I actually sang it -- at the time he was my boyfriend now my husband, we have actually sung it for people that have gotten engaged. There was a surprising -- Wow. We would be hiding with wireless microphones and would sing "A whole new world" and they would just start crying. After I actually recorded the song with lea I didn't sing it with anyone else until my wife at my wedding. You guys sang it together. With my wife at our wedding. The only other jasmine I sang with. Do you have a count, Alan. No, but it's amazing. It was one of those things that took off. It son song of the year which was incredible. As well as the Oscar and it's changed my life, changed Tim rice's life, wonderful. It made a lot of people happy. It has moved a lot of people. We are so glad to see "Aladdin" back. Congratulations to all of you. Good to hear from you again. You can find a lot more "Aladdin" on our website including exclusive performance from the cast and the "Aladdin" diamond edition blu-ray combo pack. How about that for a mouthful. Next Tuesday.

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"The cast from Disney's \"Aladdin\" is celebrating the release of the 1992 classic on Blu-ray Disc, with new bonus outtakes from Robin Williams as Genie and more. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34365579","title":"Never-Before-Seen Outtakes of Robin Williams in 'Aladdin' ","url":"/GMA/video/outtakes-robin-williams-aladdin-34365579"}