How to Overcome Poor Posture

"Posture Police" Lindsay Newitter shares tips to help minimize the physical and emotional effects of poor posture.
3:09 | 01/19/16

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Transcript for How to Overcome Poor Posture
good-bye to bad posture. Turns out it doesn't hurt you physically but can also affect your emotions as well so a double-edged sword and ABC's Jesse palmer has the details. You want to sit up straight for this one. You sure do and want to go back and finish 12th grade again. Ten years ago. It turns out something many of us do called the slump. I can actually impact our energy. Our productivity and even our mood, so we met up with a posture coach for some straight up advice. Take a look at this woman. And these people. What do they have in common? Bad posture. Professional violinist Melissa tong maybes beautiful music but recently it's been a pain in the neck. Literally. I was feeling kind of like a pinching pain, neck discomfort. Neck achiness. Reporter: Her bad habit. Her posture. See, strain on the neck, strain on the back. Reporter: Enter the posture police. ? Bad posture, it's not just about slumping your shoulders. That's better. Reporter: She teaches the Alexander technique which helps to I will prove poor posture and says it can cause physical pain like neck and back problems, breathing issues, energy depletion and more. It can affect how people perceive you, how you feel emotionally and it might affect whether or not you get a second date or a second job interview. Reporter: Don't forget about heavy backpacks and repetitive stwres from our many device. We're hearing about very young people who are having spinal problems related to their posture using their smartphones. ? Reporter: Melissa's new good habits have made all the difference. The pain is almost nonexistent. So much better. You know it's amazing how posture really impacts how we're perceived. Experts say poor posture gives people a bad first impression. Whether you are he applying for a job or starting a relationship or even trying to make new friends make sure you use good posture because it makes you appear stronger. We've all been shifting here. I know. So we're obviously and so many of us are sitting at desks each and every day. What can we do to improve it. Three easy steps doctors recommend. First try to make sure your screen is at eye level. Not tilted up or down. Type with your elbows at a 90 degree angle and make sure your wrists and arounds are rested when typing. You do that, those three easy steps, avoid the slump and look stronger and more confident. Lara, I've always marveled at your posture. Thank you. Is it from diving. Ballet and diving and just my mom always used to say imagine you have a string, sort of pull up. But -- yoga is a great way too. I highly recommend it. You can gain an inch back from your height because as we get older we do start to curl. And the shrugging of the shoulders. Power pose, she said -- If you stand like this -- It actually improves -- That's so relaxed. Good morning, America. But it's scientific. It's scientific. Lock it in, George.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"\"Posture Police\" Lindsay Newitter shares tips to help minimize the physical and emotional effects of poor posture.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36373085","title":"How to Overcome Poor Posture","url":"/GMA/video/overcome-poor-posture-36373085"}