Pacific Northwest Pounded by Hurricane Force Winds

Record rains that have inundated Washington and Oregon are the remnants of a typhoon.
2:07 | 09/30/13

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Transcript for Pacific Northwest Pounded by Hurricane Force Winds
It soured people on the government then as well. Now to the rains in the northwest. Sam, some of this is the last legs of a typhoon? Belief ve it or not. It's just the remnants. Three terrible storms hit the northwest just since the weekend. Let's go through. We just pulled the sheet from astoria. All-time wettest september on record. Wettest three-day total for september on record. Look at the numbers. The all-time monthly I highs. Never better in september thanes astoria. The rain events on the coastline. Still raining in that area this morning. It's impossible to clean up when the rain is still falling. As morning breaks, the pacific northwest is under record rains, wicked winds, and fuhr yos flood waters, bracing for more. The wind so strong and i can't even cop tan myself right now. Reporter:85-mile-an-hour winds hammering parts of washington. Two inches in one day pours through the roof of the area's seatac airport. Some areas getting the rain they would normally see in a month in just one day. Storm drains cascading with overflow. Look at it, malcolm, look at that thing going. Reporter: In oregon, over 12,000 residents still without power. Washington state, 8,000 more are in the dark. Off the coast of oregon, the coast guard pulled one captain to safety. Winds all across the west so strong that trees are already tumbling on the washington shoreline. It sounded like a small thunder or the beginning of an earthquake. I was like, that's a tree. I heard the crack. Wind advisories on the coast this morning. More rain coming in. Another wet day. It's lighter rain like they're used to this time of year. Coming in for the rest of the

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{"id":20417037,"title":"Pacific Northwest Pounded by Hurricane Force Winds","duration":"2:07","description":"Record rains that have inundated Washington and Oregon are the remnants of a typhoon.","url":"/GMA/video/pacific-northwest-pounded-hurricane-force-winds-20417037","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}