Carry-On Bag Offenders Called Out in New Hashtag

ABC News' Gio Benitez has the packing tips on how to avoid #carryonshame during summer travel.
3:06 | 06/12/14

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Transcript for Carry-On Bag Offenders Called Out in New Hashtag
We're back with one man's campaign against the travelers who take advantage of the fellow flyers by taking up the carry-on space. He is taking to social media and says to post photos of the carry-on hogs, with carryonshame. Reporter: For any frequent flyer, the only thing you want to hear is we ran out of bin space. Look at all these pictures on Twitter because beware, this morning, there are eyes in the skies. We've all seen them. Or even been them. Those megastuffed, oversized carry-on offenders. "Saturday night live" even spoofed them. It will fit. Oh, it will fit. Reporter: But this morning, watch out. Your carry-on offense might be called out, with the hash tag that's going viral, #carryonshame. We're not just looking at the people who are bringing too much stuff onboard. We're looking at the airline that is not enforcing the rules that they already have. Reporter: San Francisco chronicle travel editor, spud Hilton, is leading this new campaign, with his blog, "Bad latitude." We all get a little self-on Sa absorbed. We get that way because we're dehumanized by the process. I mean, airlines, they've really turned us into cattle for this entire thing. Reporter: Here's one at L.A.X. Sorry, lady. That bag's not going to fit. Are those two roller bags and a purse? And this one is definitely oversized. New carry-on rules are tougher than ever. For example, many carry-ons are 15 inches wide, American airlines has a 14-inch max width. And every little bit matters. The airlines are doing this not because they want to make more revenue by charging people to check in their bags. But they're also trying to speed up the boarding process. Reporter: As the summer travel season heats up, along with the batting for those overhead bins, how can you be an expert packer, avoiding crackdowns and public shaming. First, check your airline's carry-on dimensions and restrictions. Wear your heaviest clothing on the plane. And back clothes in plastic bags, squeezing the air out before sealing can save you inches. If you have to take some shoes with you, take your socks and put them inside. You're using it as a compartment. And you're not wasting any space at all. They need to take less stuff. Or they need to just lump it and pay the checked bag fee. Reporter: That fee. And just to be clear, we're not urging you to shame your fellow travelers. But go ahead and tell us right now on Twitter, all of your carry-on packing tips right now. At "Gma," and use #socialsquare. I might encourage them to do it. Thanks, guys. And coming up, we're going to take a close look at the

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{"id":24102200,"title":"Carry-On Bag Offenders Called Out in New Hashtag","duration":"3:06","description":"ABC News' Gio Benitez has the packing tips on how to avoid #carryonshame during summer travel.","url":"/GMA/video/packing-tips-gio-benitez-packing-tips-carry-bag-24102200","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}