Paleo Diet Gains the Attention of Summer Dieters

Eating plan is based on the premise that if our ancestors didn't eat it, we shouldn't either.
4:31 | 06/23/14

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Transcript for Paleo Diet Gains the Attention of Summer Dieters
Never ends. Thank you, Lara. It's the hottest way to lose weight and get in shape. Searches for the Paleo diet spiking on Yahoo! As everyone wants to know more. While the eating plan is new, it goes back to the stone age. Here's ABC news's Gigi Chang. If you're looking to get bikini ready in a hurry, no need to hunt for the right diet, instead, just diet like a hunter like in the movie the croods. It awakens your inner caveman. It's a high-protein low carb diet eaten by Jessica we'll, and hot among the crossfit crowd. It's to eat healthy, as a hunter/gather, meat, fish, leafy greens. But say good-bye to legumes, grains, and processed foods like pasta and candy. Low in sugar, and if the motto is, if the caveman didn't eat it, we shouldn't. Reporter: Who's the biological reasoning behind that? The thought is if we eliminate the foods of low nutritional value and makes us gain weight, it will be better. Reporter: It becomes a lifestyle for many after feeling better. I was a big diet coke addict. Reporter: She started paleoeight months ago training for the Boston marathon. Despite the absence of diet soda, she's hooked, blogging about it. I had a bunch of digestive issues my life that improved. Better moods, really important. No energy crashes. Also less bloating, puffiness. I felt so much better than I thought I could. Reporter: Why is it so effective? The Paleo diet is rich in protein. It keeps us feeling satisfied throughout the day. We avoid the hunger pangs. Reporter: But nutritionists say there are some drawbacks. You're not anti-paleo, but not the biggest fan. I think the Paleo diet is fine as a jump start to weight loss. It eliminates other healthy foods. If you are going to follow it for an extended period of time, I would recommend supplementing with a calcium and vitamin D supplement. Let's talk to ABC's Richard Besser about this. What's your take? I'm not a big fan. The idea that the cavemen got it right -- if you look back, cavemen didn't live past their 30s. Just as the big picture, not the ones that I would pick as role models. But the idea you're going to eliminate a whole part of your diet, you tend to run into problem when is you do that. Any pros? Things it gets right, the idea of eliminating processed foods. Empty calories, high in sugar and salt. That's not good. The idea of lots of and fruits and vegetables, great source of vitamins and fiber. Cutting back on sugar and salt. What doesn't work? There's a lot more protein than is currently recommended. And it eliminates so many foods that I traditionally think are really good. Whole grains are a very good source of fiber. Legumes, like peanuts and lentils. Really good sources of protein, cut out of the diet. It's hard to maintain. It takes a lot of work for the individual, and it's expensive to go this route. What do you say to people who want to find a way to lose weight quickly? I'm not a fan of losing quickly, slowsteady and the way to go. Look at the grandparents, what did they do? They cooked, they ate things that you recognize as food. Go that way and you're going to cut back on the processed foods, you're going get the benefits, but you're not going to be doing this kind of stuff that hasn't been proven long-term to work. Many appreciate your take. How is that working for her? Not good. Hey, rich, thanks. It if you want to learn more and make your own decision on the Paleo diet, go to good morning, on Yahoo!

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Eating plan is based on the premise that if our ancestors didn't eat it, we shouldn't either.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24259444","title":"Paleo Diet Gains the Attention of Summer Dieters","url":"/GMA/video/paleo-diet-gains-attention-summer-dieters-24259444"}