First Look Inside Twin Panda Cubs' Nursery

The cubs, born July 15 at Zoo Atlanta, are the first set of twins born in 26 years in U.S.
2:58 | 08/23/13

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Transcript for First Look Inside Twin Panda Cubs' Nursery
Finally, we have the exclusive on pandemonium, 2013. The first twin cubs were born in the u.S. First time in 26 years. Matt gutman, live in atlanta, with a sneak peek at those little bundles of joy. Good morning to you, matthew. Reporter: Good morning, josh the capital of cute here at zoo atlanta. Now, dr. Haley just put cub "a" we'll explain the names a little later, into this bin to weigh him. This is one-half of probably the most famous set of twins in america. More than the olsen twins. Remember, these are the only surviving set of panda twins ever in the u.S. Squirming and squeaking. Twin furballs. Vinjly the size of a football. Reporter: Impossibly cute. Brotherly love. Look at that. And dangerously fragile. "Gma" got exclusive access to the nursery of the only panda twins in the country. This is "a." Reporter: And to their routine. A team of vets weigh. 36.5 grams. Reporter: Measure and examine these not-so-large giant pandas. Has the hiccups. Reporter: For now, calling cub "a" and cub "b." They're not soft. Securing the cutest furballs on the planet is a mission. Shower to wash off any germs. Reporter: You have to shower? We are trying to keep them as safe as we can. Reporter: I did as I was told. Then, we had to slip on these bootees. Rubbing alcohol, another effort to keep us germ-free, flows freely. We use this on our hands constantly in here. Reporter: Each one gets some time with mom, lun lun, before back in the incubator. Is it hard not to be attached? Yes. I love these pandas. Reporter: According to chinese tradition, pandas are only named when they're 100 years old. Do you have a favorite name? "A," and "b." Reporter: Murphy isn't going there. How rare and exceptional, these guy is one half of the surviving panda twins ever to be born here and live in the u.S. They were born to lun lun, july 13th, 2013. I know you have a big announcement to make. Some noise to make. Let's hear it. All right, matt. Thank you. "Good morning america" and zoo atlanta are teaming up to name the panda cubs. And you, our "good morning america" viewers out there, can be a part of deciding it all. We will tell you how in the days to come. We're giving you the vote to name the highly-most anticipated celebrity twins of all. Coming up, the wait is essentially over.

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{"id":20045841,"title":"First Look Inside Twin Panda Cubs' Nursery","duration":"2:58","description":"The cubs, born July 15 at Zoo Atlanta, are the first set of twins born in 26 years in U.S.","url":"/GMA/video/panda-twins-born-inside-nursery-20045841","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}